Pack Run Cheats, Tips and Guide

Packs are very important in Play Wild. The feature allows you to create your own pack, which is basically a group, and you are the leader of that group. Once you have created a pack, you are able to invite your friends to it, and when they join, you can do all kinds of activities together.

One of those activities is called the Pack Runs, which is a pack exclusive activity, and can only be accessed by going to the pack hideout. During Pack Runs, you and up to eight members of your pack, will be teleported to an open area. Once the timer starts, you will have to collect different kinds of items throughout that area, and bring them back to the platform you started on.

How to Start a Pack Run

I have already mentioned above that Pack Runs are exclusive to Jammers that have their own Packs. To start a Pack Run, you will first have to travel to your Pack Hideout. On the left side of your screen, you will notice there is a second button. If you click on that button, the Pack Run window will appear. Simply click on the “Start Pack Run” button to continue to the next screen.

On the next screen, you will see some basic information about the run that you are about to start. You will see who the host is, which is you in this case. You will also see the amount of players that are joining the Pack Run, the amount of items that can be collected and what the reward is for collecting every single collectable item during that run. You can play the run alone, but it is easier when you are with more players, because you can collect more items.

How to Complete a Pack Run

Today, we will be taking a closer look at the Farm Event, and see what Pack Runs are all about. There are more events, but once you know one of them, the other ones will be similar to you, and you will understand what your objectives are. Once you have started the run, you will get teleported to an open area, in which you will have to collect certain types of items.

The Farm Event is centered around Crops. A timer of five minutes will start, after which you will run around and collect different kinds of crops. You will find Crops of Wheat, Carrots, Pumpkins and Corn. In order to collect them, all you have to do is click on them once, or several items.

After collecting the items, you have to run back to the platform to deliver them. The run ends once the timer runs out. If you managed to collect each item in the area, you will get a reward. If you didn’t, the items will be added to a tally, and you can try again on your next run.

Pack Run Cheats and Tips Guide

During your runs, it is possible that you come across some random chests. You can open those chests by clicking on them, and receive a reward for doing so. The rewards are random, so you won’t know what you will be getting. Occasionally, the chests are slightly hidden, so make sure to keep an eye out for them.

You will sometimes come across potholes. By doing the required action, you will unlock them. This can be in the form of emotes and actions.

An important thing to remember is that there is a blue arrow that indicates the location of the platform. If you are lost, and you don’t know where to run to deliver your items, simply follow the blue arrow. You will eventually end up at the platform. Be sure to keep an eye on the timer as well. If the timer runs out, and you haven’t delivered your items yet, they won’t count!

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