Paintseed Sapling in Play Wild

As a Jammer, you would want your den to look amazing. When you have guests, they will want to feel comfortable, and see all the cool items that you own. One of those cool items is called the Paintseed Sapling. Today, we are going to take a look at what this den item is all about.

The Paint Tree Seedling was first released on October 12, 2018. It can be placed in the den of the player. It can still be bought at the Sapphire Shop for a total of 100 Sapphires. If you take a closer look at the item, it almost looks like a small pot or can. It also appears like paint has been dripping over the sides for a while.

Paintseed Sapling Color Variants

There are a total of six different color variants available of the Paint Tree Seedling. The colors are Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple and Cyan. The pots themselves are brown of four of these color variants. You can see what they look like in the pictures below.


The two remaining color variants have a black pot/can. You can see what they look like in the pictures below. I think AJHQ decided to give these colors a black pot/can because of the darker color of paint. These color variants are slightly more valuable, because they look different.


How to Get a Paint Seed Sapling

The Paintseed sapling was released in Play Wild on October 12, 2018. The item has not yet been removed from the game. This means that it is possible to still buy it at the Sapphire Shop. It will cost you a total of 100 Sapphires to get a single Paint Tree Seedling for yourself.


If you don’t have enough Sapphires, you could always trade for it with other Jammers. Since the item itself is quite common right now, especially since it’s still available at the Sapphire Shop, you can easily find Jammers that are willing to trade you for it. However, you will need to offer something of equal value, of around 100 Sapphires, in order to make the trade fair.

Paintseed Sapling Codes

There are currently no codes available for the Paintseed Sapling. If AJHQ does release a code for this item, I will make sure to update this post and share it with all of you. Leave a comment down below if you are looking to trade with other Jammers!

  1. Is anyone willing to trade me one? My username is FastFoodies4 and I am online a lot. Jam a gram me if you are willing to

  2. The paint seeds can be used in the phantom dimension to battle phantoms (source play wild wiki)

  3. It’s for a realmmmmm

  4. I have a glitched paint tree. The pot and the paint on the pot are the same color. I’m ethier really lucky or just confused.

  5. What do the paint seeds that come from the paint tree saplings do?

    Put the answer on this website thingy, Please and Ty!

    Thank you,

  6. Today, I have been traded a paint sapling in trade for one of my Halloween rares. I left for about an hour or so to help my grandfather irl. WHen I returned, the tree had some spiky ball things on it. I clicked on it and it said I collected 6 paint seeds. (I know this forum is for trading, but I thought it might help others)(AJPW NAME:YukariKaze)

    • Which Halloween rare? I’m looking for the raccon tail one to trd for my paint tree seedling well…. how it’s a paint tree seedling (user rainbowz97)

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