Peacock Feathers in Animal Jam – Rare AJ Item

Have you ever seen the beautiful feathers of a peacock in real life? When they spread their feathers, it almost looks majestic. Wearing the Peacock Feathers in Animal Jam will certainly attract some attention. It will also make your animal look like a peacock, which is awesome!

The Peacock Feathers first appeared in the game during the month of June, 2016. It was part of a promo, the well-known Adopt A Pet Checklist. To obtain the feathers, you had to adopt a total of twenty pets, which are Jazwares Toys, and part of the Adopt A Pet promo.

The toys came with codes, which are entered into the checklist. The Peacock Feathers can be recycled for 300 Gems. However, you should definitely not do that, because they are extremely rare!

The picture above shows us what the Peacock Feathers look like. The base of the feathers is dark blue in color, while the feathers are green. At the top of the feathers, you will find a few cream spots. Within those spots, you will find dark blue circles. These feathers only come in one variety, and as mentioned above, they are extremely rare in Animal Jam.

How to Get Peacock Feathers in Animal Jam

It is actually quite difficult to get the Peacock Feathers. You have to buy twenty different Jazwares Toys, and redeem their codes. However, those toys are not officially sold anymore. This means that you have to use third-party websites, such as Amazon or EBay, and try your luck finding them. They will most likely be more expensive than they were originally sold for.


Be that as it may, the Peacock Feathers are still a tradable item. This means that you can still send trade offers to Jammers that own the feathers, and are willing to trade with you. I have personally seen insane offers for the feathers, simply because they are extremely rare.

If you have many rare items, and would like these feathers, be prepared to offer a lot. With high-risk trades like these, you should definitely check out our handy trading tips and tricks guide.

Adopt A Pet Checklist

The Adopt A Pet Checklist is a feature that was introduced into the game in 2016. It allows you to track which pets you have already adopted, and which ones you still can adopt. You can adopt an animal by buying a Jazwares Toy, which includes a redeemable code. Once you enter that code, the pet will be adopted, and will appear in your Adopt A Pet Checklist.

Jazwares Toys

Jazwares Toys are licensed AJ items that can be bought with real money. Each of the toys have a unique code, which can be entered in the game. By redeeming the code, you will receive a promo item, or adopt a pet. If you want to complete your entire checklist, you will need to buy each of the Jazwares Toys, and redeem the codes that come with those toys.

Peacock Feathers Codes for AJ

There are no codes available for the Peacock Feathers. You can get them by redeeming a total of twenty Jazwares Toys codes, or by trading with other Jammers.

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