Peck’s Art Challenge- Winners Coming Later In The Week

Attention all Jammers, a new diamond challenge has hit Animal Jam. For this diamond challenge, you needed to submit 1 or 2 paragraphs about why art is important to you. This could be anything from why you love to draw or create art or what you get your inspirations from and why that is important to you. Jammers might want to include information about the type of art you are into, such as poems, writing, art, drawing or other types of fun art activities you like to engage in.


Later on this week, there will be 5 winners of Peck’s Art Challenge announced, and each of the winners will get 5 diamonds. You must submit your entry through Jammer Central which is in Jamaa Township, and you need to remember not to submit personal information on your entry in order to possibly be one of the winners. You needed to submit your paragraph by 9 pm MST on August 16 in order to have a shot at winning, and if you submitted later than that, then you probably won’t be able to win the contest because it is a strict deadline. Jammers can submit as many entries as you want on this topic, but submitting more does not mean you have a higher chance of winning, because this is all about what art means to you, and this means that you need to dig deep into your personal reasons for loving art to win. Stay tuned because the 5 Jammers who will win 5 diamonds each will be announced later this week once all of the entries have been read.

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