Peck’s Den Arrives + Other News!

Hey Jammers!  Another week in Animal Jam means another Jamaa Journal update.  I know I say it a lot, but this week’s news is really exciting!  There’s lots of new items and more so let’s take a look at all the updates for May 10th 2018.

The first announcement is probably the biggest one –Direwolves are coming to Animal Jam!  The second statue in the Temple of the Ancients finally collapsed to show what the next new animal will be.  I sure didn’t see this coming, did you?  Check back for a full Direwolf update as soon as they’re released!

There’s been a bunch of Alpha dens released in recent months and Jammers can’t seem to get enough of them!  Peck’s Den is now available at the Diamond Shop.  It’s a really neat and artsy underground den, just like a burrow in Tunnel Town.  Go explore it or even buy it for yourself if you want to turn your den into a mystical cavern!

The Diamond Encrusted Armor has returned to the Diamond Shop so get yours while you can!  This sparkling set of armor is sure to attract attention wherever you are in Jamaa.  There are also some sweet new origami den items for sale.  What better way to add zen to your den than with these neatly folded items!

If you haven’t watched any of the in-game animal videos for a while, you’re in for a treat!  There’s a ton of new Animal Jam videos in locations all across the map.  Head over to any of your favorite theaters to check them out.

In addition to all the new Alpha dens we’ve seen recently, there has also been a series of Alpha masterpiece frames that you don’t want to miss out on!  The newest masterpiece frame is Sir Gilbert’s.  This frame is sure to remind you of him and all his bravery!

I think I speak for a lot of Jammers when I say that summer is my favorite season.  And you know what that means?  The summer carnival will be returning soon!  Stay tuned for an update as soon as the 2018 summer carnival comes to town.

Last but not least is the announcement of a brand new Animal Jam magazine called “This is Animal Jam”.  It’s not just any magazine though – it comes with all kinds of goodies too!  Check out my post here for more information on this magazine and where to buy it for yourself!

More and more big news for Animal Jam, I think this summer is going to be a great one.  Check back soon for more updates!

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