Pest Control Cheats for Animal Jam


Pest Control is a strategy game that requires you to place animals along the edge of a track to prevent pests from invading your fortress.  As your animals eat the pests, you earn more tokens to buy more animals.  Certain animals are better at eating different pests than others.


First Wave: Ants

Tip: Use the green plants to control the pests.


Second Wave: Flies

Tip: Use the green plants as defenders from the pests.


Third Wave: Grasshoppers

Tip: Use the blue frogs to control the pests.


Fourth Wave: Dragonflies

Tip: Use the blue frogs for pest control.


Fifth Wave: Beetles

Tip: Use the purple frogs as defenders of the pests.


Sixth Wave: Scorpions

Tip: Use the pink snakes for pest control.


Seventh Wave: Tarantulas

Tip: Use the purple frogs as defenders of the pests.


This the order that you should purchase your defenses in pest control.  You can cheat if you follow the order and place your defenders in the right order.

  1. aww i was hoping this would show me how to get past the scorpion D:

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  3. What’s your highest wave score?

  4. The wave after are voles and mice.
    There is also endless mode

  5. thanx it realy helped

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