Pet Arctic Wolves Arrive in Play Wild!

If you are looking to adopt a new pet that perfectly matches the winter season, you can’t go wrong with the Pet Arctic Wolf. This pet was first released on December 5, 2018. It is currently still available at the Sapphire Shop for 50 Sapphires. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Pet Arctic Wolf.

Pet Arctic Wolf Actions & Special Abilities in Play Wild

Just like any other pet in Play Wild, the Pet Arctic Wolf has its own set of actions and special abilities. In case you are not able to obtain the pet for any reason, I have decided to describe what its actions look like. Let’s check it out!

The dance action is actually quite amazing. The Pet Arctic Wolf stands up on its hind legs, and goes left and right in spins. Its tail makes a full circle to the right, and to the left, while it keeps going right and left.

The play action makes the pet stand on all four legs, look up into the sky and howl, like a wolf. It will continue to do so until you move around, or press another action button.

The hop action is slightly similar to the dance action. The pet jumps up, and while in the air, it goes slightly higher by spinning in the air, its tail going in a full circle. After that, it lands back down on all four legs.

The sit action makes the pet sit down on its behind, its front legs in front of it. Its head will move up and down, showing us that it is breathing.

Lastly, the sleep action makes the pet lay down on its belly, with its head resting on the ground. Its head and tail will have small animations, indicating that it is sleeping.

How to Get a Pet Arctic Wolf in AJPW

There is currently not much information available on how you could obtain a Pet Arctic Wolf for yourself. Luckily, I know what you need to do to get one. For starters, the pet is released only a few days ago. This means that it is currently available at the Sapphire Shop, You can also trade for it.

Sapphire Shop

As stated above, the Pet Arctic Fox is still available at the Sapphire Shop. It costs 50 Sapphires to purchase the pet. This is the standard price for any pet at the Sapphire Shop.


Pets in Animal Jam and Play Wild can be traded, just like clothing items and den items. If you have a large amount of items, you could attempt to trade some of your items for the Pet Arctic Wolf.

Pet Arctic Wolf Codes

Occasionally, AJHQ releases free codes that can be redeemed to receive in-game items in both AJ and PW. Unfortunately, there are currently no such codes available for the Pet Arctic Wolf.

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