Pet Cheetahs are Here!

Pet Cheetahs are the newest pet to come to the Diamond Shop!  They come and go though so keep checking if you dont see them there!


There’s a new den coming to Animal Jam just in time for summer!  The water park den is a great place to go to beat the heat and hangout with other Jammers!  There’s even a Heatwave party too so be sure to check that out!


As many of you know, there’s a new animal coming soon to Animal Jam!  Has anybody else figured out what the new animal will be?!  It also looks like there will be some new eagle adventures too so stay tuned for those.


Now you can change worlds without having to log out of Animal Jam!  Just go to your settings and you can travel to a different world with ease.


  1. Hyenas are coming and it might be a golden jackal and new eagles only adventures

  2. Howdy! I like the cheetah pets. They’re rlly cute. I still think that the new animal is a hyena or an African wild dog. I can’t wait til they come out… whatever it’s gonna be. I like the changing world thing in the settings. I’ve been using it ALOT. I also rlly like the doorbell, bcuz now I know when a friend or someone else is in my den. Bye.

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