Animal Jam Pet Doves

Animals, Pets and Items in Animal Jam can become quite rare, especially if they went on clearance. This means that they got removed from the game, and it is unlikely that they ever return. However, there are some Pets that can only be obtained by entering a code. The Pet Dove is one of those pets. This is one of the cutest, and rarest, pets in the entire game!

The Pet Dove was released as a promo pet. This meant that you needed to buy a real life toy and redeem the code that came with that toy, in order to obtain the Pet Dove. This makes it an ultra-rare pet, especially since only a handful of people own it. The code came with a toy cupcake called Bubblesprinkles, part of the Adopt A Pet Series Three; Cupcakes.

Pet Doves Actions & Special Abilities

The Pet Dove has its own actions and special abilities, just like any other pet in the game. It is difficult to find out what those actions and special abilities look like, simply due to the fact that the pet is ultra-rare. There have not been many sightings of the Pet Dove.

The Sit action will make the dove sit down, facing to the left. It will tuck its wings to its sides.

The Dance action will make it do three small jumps, followed by a big jump. It will also flap its wings while doing so.

The Sleep action almost makes the dove look like a real life bird. It will rock back and forth, but only slightly.

The Hop action makes the dove jump high up into the air, and then quickly floating back down.

The Play action will make a birdbath appear, in which the pet will splash around in.

How to Get Pet Doves

Getting the Pet Dove is nearly impossible. However, there is still a way to obtain it in AJ.


You need to keep in mind that the Pet Dove is an ultra-rare pet, and is nearly impossible to find in the game. Even if you find a Jammer with this pet, they will not want to trade with you, unless you offer something of equal value in return. Check out crowded places to find Jammers that might be willing to trade with you, such as at the Jamaa Township.

Pet Dove Codes

The dove is only redeemable using a unique code. You will not be able to find that code on the internet, unless you find the toy that it came with. Be prepared to spend a lot of money to buy that particular toy, as the Pet Dove is very rare, and the sellers know this.

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