Pet Eagles Are Here!

Pet eagles are now available at the Diamond Shop!  For only 3 diamonds you can have one of these cute flying critters to follow you around.  Pretty neat right?


Another big announcement is the release of the Mystical Armor.  It’s available at the Diamond Shop but be sure to save up your diamonds because the whole outfit will cost you 9 diamonds!  I still think it’s really cool looking though.


If you like the games at the Sol Arcade then you’re gonna love this.  Now you can get a Sol Arcade Den from the Diamond Shop!  Also, rumor has it that giraffes will soon be returning from their travels.  I haven’t been seeing many of these tall creatures wandering around Jamaa for a while, I’m looking forward to seeing them again.


There’s still time to visit the April Fools party for some awesome items and fun!  Also Jammers now have 20 den slots available so you can save all of your favorite dens!


In honor of the National Geographic Bee, the Temple of Trivia will be giving double gems!


  1. Hi, My names Jade Jewel Hines, you could call me Jade for short. I like your Blog, AJW (animal jam world)! It’s PAWSOME! 🙂

  2. cant wait to enterduse them to my other pets when i get enough money!!!!!!!

  3. i want one!!!!! cute cute cute 😀 there so cute like i want o hug them!!!!! 🙂 😀 🙂 -tears of joy- :’)

  4. did u know if u write this on aj (:cool:) it comes up with the face with sunglasses

    • I never knew yumyumrb! I will have to try that out. Hopefully it will work for a person with no free chat. teehee :3)

  5. i know how u feel i cant even get a membership to sadly 🙁

  6. Hi all you jammers plz send me stuff for my mailtime Videos! =) Also I am so happy that the new den is out! If you ever want to give me ideas about vids or send me things for mailtime my username is : jackie02366. No caps! =)Thx jammers and you are all pawsome! Jam on! =D

  7. hello!!!…… my name is Madiha and i would really like some membership codes, plz plz plz…. if somebody has any code, plz do comment and tell those ppl who can’t get a membership like me and they really want one, so that is all i wish for, btw my parents don’t get me a membership because they say that animal jam is just a waste of time and they would waste money on education only rather than wasting it on some game website….. so that’s what my parents think so if anybody knows how to get a free membership then plz feel free to share that way with others…. thank you!!!……:)

  8. I rlly want a pet eagle, but sadly I’m not a member so I can’t get 1. THEY ARE SO CUTE!! Darn it! Anyway… I don’t like the mystical armor. It just looks weird to me and a little to girly. I don’t want butterfly wings ty very much. It’s not very good for tom boys. I’m a little excited about giraffes coming bk,(well if they rlly are). To bad not a lot of things are for nonmembers. That’s all I got. Bye

    • yeah it really sucks not able to have member stuff but the eagles look so cute<3

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