Pet Echidna – Eggstravaganza Pet

If you are looking for rare Pets in Animal Jam, look no further. The Pet Echidna is quite a rare pet, especially because there is no way to obtain it at the moment. Today, we are going to take a closer look at what this pet is all about, check out its actions and special abilities and more!

The Pet Echidna was released on June 22, 2017. It was released for the Eggstravaganza event, which is an event in Animal Jam that is centered around hatching eggs. In order to obtain the Pet Echidna, you had to purchase a Pet Egg from one of the several shops around the map. The Pet Egg would then hatch into random Pet Animal in three days.

Pet Echidna Actions & Special Abilities in Animal Jam

The Pet Echidna, just like all other pets in Animal Jam, has its own set of special abilities. Those special abilities are as following;

The sit ability makes the pet sit down, facing the direction your animal is facing.

The dance action makes the pet lift up its front paws, and then swing left and right in one place.

The sleep action makes the pet lay down flat and stretch it paws out.

The hop action makes the pet jump up and down, while stretching it paws out.

Lastly, the play action makes the pet curl up into a ball and shoot out its spines. After doing so, it pokes out its head and appears to smile/laugh.

How to Get a Pet Echidna

The only way to obtain the Pet Echidna was by purchasing a Pet Egg, and hoping that it would hatch into a Pet Echidna after a certain time. You would never know what kind of Pet you would get from a Pet Egg beforehand. This meant that many Jammers did not get the pet that they were looking for. Currently, there is only one way to obtain the Pet Echidna; by trading.


Trading is a sure way to obtain unavailable clothing items, den items and pets in Animal Jam. There are many forums online that allow you to request or offer trades. You can also visit some of the crowded places in the game, such as the Jamaa Township, and as if anyone is trading.

Pet Echidna AJ Codes

Currently, there are no codes for the Pet Echidna. If you want to obtain the pet, you are going to have to find a trader that owns it, and is willing to part ways with it. It is also likely that the Pet Echidna will return to the game during the next Eggstravaganza event.

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