Animal Jam Pet Grasshopper

Some of the pets in Animal Jam can only be obtained by redeeming codes. The Pet Grasshopper is one of those pets. It was first released in May 2016. It is rewarded as a promotional gift to Jammers that have redeemed at least thirty different animals from their Adopt A Pet Checklist. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Pet Grasshopper!

Pet Grasshopper Actions & Special Abilities

Let’s take a closer look at the special abilities and actions of the Pet Grasshopper. When you click on it, it will jump into the air, and perform a backflip, returning to its original position.

The sit action makes the pet sit down, while its back is straightened slightly.

The play actions is pretty fun. It makes the pet jump on a red mushroom, which appears out of nowhere. After jumping on the red mushroom, it jumps up from it, performing a flip.

The dance action makes the pet extend its wings, flying back and forth, swinging at the same time.

The sleep action makes the pet lay down and close its eyes. Small, animated Z’s appear, showing that the pet is sleeping.

Lastly, the hop action simply makes the pet jump up and down.

How to Get a Pet Grasshopper in Animal Jam

There are currently two ways for you to obtain the Pet Grasshopper. The easiest way would be for you to find a Jammer that already owns one, and ask if they are willing to trade with you. It is also possible to get the Pet Grasshopper by adopting pets from the Adopt A Pet Checklist.

Adopt A Pet Checklist

As mentioned above, the Pet Grasshopper is rewarded as a gift to Jammers that have adopted at least thirty different pets on their Adopt A Pet Checklist. You need to purchase, and redeem, the codes of thirty different Adopt A Pet Jazwares Toys. As you might be able to tell, this method will cost you a lot of time, as well as a lot of money.


A much easier, and cheaper, way to obtain the Pet Grasshopper is by trading for it. The problem with this method is that the Pet Grasshopper is very rare, which means that it might be difficult for you to find a Jammer that is actually willing to trade theirs with you. The trade will cost you many valuables of your own.

Pet Grasshopper Codes

At the moment, there are no working codes for the Pet Grasshopper. There are times where AJHQ releases codes that all Jammers can redeem to obtain in-game items and currencies, but unfortunately, this is not the case for the Pet Grasshopper.

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