Pet Groundhog Codes for Animal Jam

The Pet Groundhog is one of those very rare pets in Animal Jam that can only be obtained by redeeming a code. That code comes with a certain toy, called Sirwisp. It is part of the Adopt A Pet Igloos collection by Jazwares Toys. The code is within the packaging of the toy.

The Pet Groundhog looks very similar to the regular, real-life groundhog. However, you always have the choice to change certain things about the appearance of the pet. You can change its ears, and hair, for example. You can also put some cute clothing on your Pet Groundhog.

Pet Groundhog Actions & Special Abilities

The Pet Groundhog has its own set of special abilities and actions. Let’s take a closer look at what the pet is capable of doing.

The sit ability makes the pet sit on its behind, and hold down its front paws on the ground. It sits upright, ready to walk at any given notice.

The play ability is quite special. It makes the pet play out a shadow puppet play by taking out a flashlight and hand puppet.

The dance ability makes the pet bounce up and down, while also moving left and right.

The sleep ability allows the pet to take a nap by laying down on its belly.

The hop ability makes the pet stand on all four legs, and jump up and down.

How to Get a Pet Groundhog in Animal Jam

Officially, there was only one way to obtain the Pet Groundhog. You had to purchase a real-life toy, called Sirwisp from the Adopt A Pet Igloos collection. That toy has a code within, which you can redeem in the game. Since these toys are extremely rare, it is very unlikely that you will be able to find one right now. Currently, you could always try to trade for the Pet Groundhog.


If you don’t wish to spend a lot of money on the actual toy, you could always try to find some traders within the game. Pets in Animal Jam can be traded, just like regular items. If you do end up finding someone that is willing to trade their Pet Groundhog, be prepared to offer valuable items in return.

Pet Groundhog Codes

After searching for a while, I was not successful in finding any codes for the Pet Groundhog that actually work. If you do find any codes yourself, be sure to keep in mind that they will probably not work. Currently, the only real way to obtain the Pet Groundhog is by trading in Animal Jam.

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