Pet Hedgehog Codes for Animal Jam

Most Jammers enjoy adopting cute pets. If you are one of those Jammers, you might want to take a look at the Pet Hedgehog. This pet is not only very cute, it is also incredibly rare. It has a round body, very short legs and a short snout. Along its back, there are several spines running down. Its eyes are quite large, and they look at you like it is very happy that you adopted it.

The Pet Hedgehog was released at the beginning of 2018, but was not available in any of the shops in the game. To obtain it, you would need to buy the Mistyskunk toy from the Adopt A Pet Spring Cottages collection, and redeem the code that comes with that toy. However, this toy is said to be extremely rare, and this makes it incredibly difficult to obtain.

Pet Hedgehog Actions & Special Abilities

Just like all the other animals and pets in Animal Jam, the Pet Hedgehog also has its own actions and special abilities. Let’s take a look at what those are!

Telling it to sit will make it lie down on its back. It will remain like that until you move around.

Telling it to dance will make it jump up slightly and flap its feet around.

The sleep action makes it lie down and close its eyes. There is a very small breathing animation.

The hop action makes the Pet Hedgehog jump up and down, but not that high.

Lastly, the play action makes it whip out a piano and play on it, which is very interesting.

How to Get a Pet Hedgehog in Animal Jam

The Pet Hedgehog is basically a promo pet, only obtainable by redeeming a code. However, it is also possible to get this pet by finding a Jammer that is open to trading their pet with you.


There is always a small chance that another Jammer is willing to trade their Pet Hedgehog with you. However, since it is extremely rare, your chances are pretty slim. If you do end up finding someone that is willing to trade their Pet Hedgehog, you will need to offer something extremely  valuable in return. Always make sure to use common knowledge when trading on Animal Jam.

Animal Jam Pet Hedgehog Codes

Unfortunately, there are no working codes available for the Pet Hedgehog. Of course, you could always to find the Mistyskunk toy from the Adopt A pet Spring Cottages collection, but that may prove to be difficult. If you know of any useful codes, let us know in the comments below!

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