Pet Hut Toys & Promo Gifts

Real-life Animal Jam toys are very popular among Jammers. If you are looking for toys that resemble locations that you can find in Jamaa, you can’t go wrong with the Pet Huts. These consist of a playset that resembles popular locations, such as the Pet Wash and Cotton Candy Machine. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Animal Jam Pet Hut Toys.

In total, there are four Pet Hut playsets, but we will be showcasing the first three. They are called the Cotton Candy Hut, Pet Wash Hut and Jammers Juice Party Hut. The cool thing about these playsets is that you also receive a special code with each of them. That code can be redeemed on Animal Jam for an exclusive in-game item. Let’s check out what they look like, and what you can expect from each of these playsets.

Cotton Candy Hut

The first Pet Hut playset in our list is the Cotton Candy Hut. This playset obviously resembles the Cotton Candy Machine minigame in Animal Jam. The playset consists of one Candy Machine Hut, a pet panda and pet owl figure and three interchangeable accessories. On top of that, you will also get a redeemable code that you can use in Animal Jam to receive the Cotton Candy Hut den item.

Pet Wash Hut

The Pet Wash Hut is the second playset in our list. This playset is made to resemble the Pet Wash minigame in Animal Jam. It comes with a Pet Wash Hut, a pet frog and pet skunk, and three interchangeable accessories for those pets. In the packaging, you will also find an exclusive code that can be redeemed in Animal Jam to receive a Pet Wash Hut den item.

Jammers Juice Party Hut

The last playset in our list is the Jammers Juice Party Hut. This playset resembles Captain Melville’s Juice Hut, which can be found in Crystal Sands. It consists of a Pet Juice Hut, as well as a massive amount of ten exclusive pets, all with head and back accessories. You will also get a redeemable code, which rewards you with the Pet Smoothie Hut and Juice Fountain. You also get the unique Pet Phantom, which is quite rare nowadays.

Where to Buy Pet Hut Toys

Currently, you can purchase both the Cotton Candy Hut and Pet Wash Hut playsets on Amazon. The Cotton Candy Hut playset is sold for $16.90, while the Pet Wash Hut playset is sold for $19.

It doesn’t seem like the Jammers Juice Party Hut is sold on Amazon. I have also not been able to find any listings on EBay. There is a listing for this playset on the Target website, but it is not in stock, so you won’t be able to purchase it. It is also not clear if they will ever restock it. You can check out EBay now and again to see if someone is selling the Jammers Juice Party Hut playset.

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