Pet Love Bunny in Animal Jam

Jammers that are interested in Valentine’s Day will want to wear clothing and accessories for the occasion. The Pet Love Bunny is a pet that was released for exactly that occasion. It was made available during the entire month of February, 2018. The only way to obtain it was by purchasing a membership through the Animal Jam Website. Doing so would reward you with the Friendship Bundle, which contained the Pet Love Bunny, among other things.

Currently, the offer is no longer available. It is not clear if the Pet Love Bunny will reappear in the game, or will be obtainable in any other way. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the pet, and see what makes it so special!

Pet Love Bunny Actions & Special Abilities

Just like all other animals and pets in Animal Jam, the Pet Love Bunny has its own set of actions and special abilities. Let’s take a closer look at what those special abilities look like.

The hop action simply makes the pet jump up and down.

The sleep action makes the pet lay down on its belly. It immediately closes its eyes, and several Z’s appear, indicating that it is sleeping.

The dance action makes the pet stand on its hind legs, and slowly move back and forth.

The play action makes the pet whip out a chessboard, and celebrate after checkmating.

The sit action simply makes the pet sit down with its chest puffed out.

How to Get a Pet Love Bunny in Animal Jam

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to obtain the Friendship Bundle, which contained the Pet Love Bunny. The bundle was only available between February 1 and February 28, 2018. There is only one way to obtain the pet, and that is by trading with other Jammers.


Since the Friendship Bundle is no longer being awarded, the only other way to obtain the Pet Love Bunny is by trading with other Jammers. The problem is, since the pet is no longer can’t be obtained in another way, it became extremely rare. If you are lucky enough to find a someone that is willing to trade their Pet Love Bunny with you, there is a high chance they will ask for a lot of valuable items in return.

Pet Love Bunny Codes

Occasionally, AJHQ releases some codes that can easily be found on the internet. However, there are definitely no codes available for the Pet Love Bunny. If you really want to own one yourself, you are going to have to trade for it.

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