Animal Jam Pet Mouse Codes

Adopting pets in Animal Jam is very enjoyable. You get to have tiny animals following your main animal wherever you go. There are common and rare pets in the game. If you are looking for an extremely rare pet, the Pet Mouse is definitely a pet that you should try to adopt!

The Pet Mouse is one of the cutest and tiniest pets in Animal Jam. It has a very small body, and a long pink tail. Its eyes are black, and it has a total of four whiskers, two on each side. You can alter its appearance, such as its ears, if you feel like you want your pet to have a different look.

Pet Mouse Actions & Special Abilities

We are going to take a look at the actions and special abilities of the Pet Mouse. Let’s start off with the sit action. When you tell it to sit, it will sit down on its behind and remain upright.

Telling it to play will make the Pet Mouse whip out a violin and play it. Several music notes will appear above and around it.

The dancing ability makes the Pet Mouse shake left and right. This ability can be done while sitting down as well.

The sleep ability makes it lie down on its belly. While sleeping, there are Z’s above its head.

Lastly, the hop action makes it jump up and down continuously.

How to Get a Pet Mouse in Animal Jam

There is only one way to get the Pet Mouse, and that is by redeeming a code. That code comes with the Butterfly toy, from the Adopt A Pet Jazwares Toys collection. However, you will need to spend money to get that toy. The toy itself is also very rare, simply because people that have already purchased it, are not really willing to part ways with it.

Trading – Pet Mouse Value & Worth

Since the Pet Mouse is quite difficult to obtain, you always have the option to trade for it. The problem is that it is very unlikely that you will find a Jammer that would be willing to trade you his Pet Mouse, simply due to the fact that it is extremely rare. If you do find a willing trader, you should definitely try to trade for it.

Pet Mouse Codes

The Pet Mouse is one of those promo pets in Animal Jam that can only be obtained by getting a toy with real money, and then redeeming the code that comes with that toy. You can still look if you can buy those toys online, but they will probably be quite expensive.

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