Pet Phantoms & Other News!

Hey Jammers!  With October just around the corner, it’s time for some Night of the Phantoms updates around Jamaa!  Let’s see what we have this week.

Apparently there are some nice phantoms out there because now you can have them as pets!  Pet phantoms are only available for a short time during the month of October so gets yours soon!


Just in time for Night of the Phantoms, there’s a new Epic Haunted Manor den available.  Turn your den into a spooky old house for the holidays!

The Bitter Sweets adventure has also returned.  Get the stolen candy back from the Phantoms in this fun adventure for all Jammers!


AJHQ has now made it even easier to access all of the Adventures in Animal Jam.  You can now find every Adventure in the Base Camp and by clicking on the Adventure Portal from the World Map.

Also, The Hidden Falls 2D Adventure is now available for all Jammers!  Once you become a wolf or tiger, you can go play this new adventure for yourself.


Having trouble finding other Jammers to play games with?  Well now you can invite other players to join you!  Just click on the Games icon and choose the multiplayer game you want to play.

Once you pick the game, an invite bubble will appear above your animal to let other Jammers know they can join!


Another cool bit of news is the addition of more names available for your animals and pets!  Choose from over 2.5 million combinations total, that should keep you busy for a while!

Also you may have noticed the mysterious phantom portals popping up around Jamma.  These will take you to the Phantom Vortex where you can play the phantom game and win prizes!


Some good and bad news here… Snow leopards will be leaving Jamaa to travel starting October 13th so make sure you get one soon before they’re gone.  On the plus side, polar bears are returning from their trip, just in time for winter!


Lastly, the Haunted Forest Party is back for the Night of the Phantoms.  Go party and bring your spooky dance moves to the party!

Coming up on October 4th is World Animal Day so be sure to celebrate all of the animals you love, especially the ones in Animal Jam!


Check back soon for more Animal Jam updates.  I can’t wait to see what this year’s Night of the Phantoms celebration brings!

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