Pet Seahorses for Everyone & Other News

Pet seahorses are now available for all Jammers!  Now you don’t have to be a member to get one of these cute ocean pets.  Get your very own pet seahorse at Flippers N’ Fins in Crystal Reef!


There’s a brand new shop at the top of Coral Canyons now!  Go check out Royal Ridge to find some exclusive new items for your den.  The catch is, Royal Ridge can only be reached by the new eagles!  Get yours today.


Be sure to get yourself a panda now if you want one.  Starting on March 20th, pandas will be traveling so you will no longer be able to play as them, unless you already have one!  Maybe this means some other animals will be returning from their travels too?!


St Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and Jamaa is starting to look pretty festive!  Be sure to check out the Lucky Party and get some exclusive lucky den items!  Also, there hasn’t been any word from Greely since he stopped the volcano from erupting…Looks like there’s a new adventure on the way.  Stay tuned!


If you haven’t been to Brady’s Lab lately, he’s got some new pets that you might want to see!  There’s always something new to learn there…


  1. things, I mesn…

  2. I don’t like members because they brag sometimes about their rhings and animals and more…

  3. why is it in the adventures base camp u cant really see anyone,know?

  4. im member but im not sharing my password:D

  5. Free Member File :
    Username: soreena
    Password: 7418616
    Have fun dealing with cruddy ppl!!!!
    D: DX. DI

  6. Howdy, yumyumrb!! :3D
    I finally got it to work!! look below.
    You know who dat is…

  7. Username: soreena
    Password: 7418616

  8. hi moustachelover :3

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