Pet Sloth Codes in Animal Jam

If you are looking for a slow and cute animal, the Pet Sloth is your best bet! This pet was made available in Animal Jam in July 2017. You can obtain it by redeeming a code that comes with the Dewlady toy from the Adopt A Pet Cupcakes collection.

The cool thing about the Pet Sloth is that it has a large head, and a small body. Its eyes seem to be closed by default; however, there are many different options for its eyes, snout and hair.

Pet Sloth Actions & Special Abilities

The Pet Sloth has its own set of special abilities and actions, just like all the other pets in AJ. I wanted to see what those actions looked like. This is what the Pet Sloth can do:

Sit: the pet sits towards your animal.

Dance: the pet stands on its hind legs and jumps back and forth on them.

Sleep: the pet lies down on its belly and closes its eyes. There are animated Z’s above its head.

Play: a swing appears, and the pet swings back and forth on it.

Hop: the pet simply jumps up and down.

How to Get a Pet Sloth in Animal Jam              

There are currently two ways in obtaining the Pet Sloth. Firstly, you can purchase the Adopt A Pet toy that comes with a redeemable code. Secondly, you could try to trade for it. The easiest way would be to trade for it. However, you will first need to find a player that wants to trade.


Since it would be difficult to obtain the code for the Pet Sloth, your best bet would be to trade for it. Pets in Animal Jam are like items; they are tradable. You first need to find a Jammer that actually owns the Pet Sloth. After that, you will need to see if that person is even willing to part ways with their pet, and trade it with you.

The Pet Sloth is extremely rare, so you will need to offer rare items/pets yourself. Go to crowded places in the game to increases your chances!

AJ Pet Sloth Codes

The Pet Sloth can only be obtained by redeeming a code that comes with the Dewlady toy from the Adopt A Pet Cupcakes collection. Saying that there are no codes for the Pet Sloth would  be a lie. However, you will definitely not get those codes for free.

The only thing you can do is look for that specific toy on the internet, and hope that the package is unopened. If I find any useful codes, I will make sure to add them to this post.

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