Pet Sugar Gliders Are Here & Other News!

The newest edition of the Jamaa Journal just came out today with some pretty exciting news: pet sugar gliders are here!  You can get your very own pet sugar glider from the Diamond Shop.


Animal Jam is turning four years old already… Go check out the AJ Birthday Party to help celebrate!  Use the code AJBDAY4 to get a special birthday present too!


There’s also a brand new armor set at the Diamond Shop: the sparkling armor!  Be sure to check out Jam Mart Furniture and Jam Mart Clothing to get some new Egyptian treasure clothing and items.


Rumor has it that a beloved animal will be returning to Jamaa soon… Anybody have any guesses as to which animal it is?  Also the Beta Party will sadly be leaving Jamaa soon so be sure to go check that out before it’s gone!


Summer is pretty much over whether we want to admit it or not 🙁  So that means that the Summer Carnival will be packing up and moving out of Jamaa.  The good news is all carnival accessories are on sale for 50% off though!  So head on over to the Summer Carnival to get any of the prizes you wish you could afford before!


That’s all I’ve got for news today.  Stay tuned for more posts coming soon about the new sugar gliders and the sparkling armor!

  1. Codes twelve=1 diamond and AJBDAY4 4th bday cake.

  2. Its the pandas cuz its been gone for long time and its black and white and it said a beloved animal that is coming BACK TO JAMAA ITS PANDAS

  3. The sugar gliders are SOOOO adorable!! (I say this about almost every new pet.. CUZ ITS TRUE!!) the AJ bday cake is pretty kewl. I RLLY like how AJHQ included some non member things for the new armor! I already have the gauntlets! The new Egyptian stuff is kewl too. (I just wish I had more room for den items..) I’m thinking that the panda is comin back bcuz it has black and white on the question ? mark. That’s al I gotta say!

    • I agree w/ Moostachie1515. Except for the den items stuff. I got plenty of room

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