Pet Turkeys Return to Animal Jam!

Some of the seasons and events in Animal Jam have their own special pets. The Pet Turkey is one of those pets. It was released on November 19, 2015, and was sold at the Diamond Shop for 3 Diamonds.

However, it was removed after a short while. It now returns as a seasonal pet during the Feast of Thanks event, which is an event that happens around Thanksgiving.

Pet Turkey Actions & Special Abilities

The Pet Turkey has its own set of special abilities and actions. This is what it can do!

The sit action will make the pet sit down in the direction your animal is facing.

The play action will make the Pet Turkey kick up a pumpkin and keep pushing it up with its feet.

The dance action makes the pet swirl left and right by hopping on its feet.

The sleep action makes sit down, close its eyes and sleep. There are animated Z’s above it.

The hop action makes it jump up in air and land back on its feet.

How to Get a Pet Turkey

There are two ways to obtain the Pet Turkey. You can either buy it at the Diamond Shop during the Feast of Thanks event, or you can trade for it with other Jammers.

Feast of Thanks

The Pet Turkey returns seasonally during the Feast of Thanks event on Animal Jam. If you play the game during, or around Thanksgiving, you can purchase the pet at the Diamond Shop. It will cost you 3 Diamonds. It doesn’t seem like the price will change.


If you can’t wait for the Feast of Thanks event, you could always try to trade for the Pet Turkey. Pets in Animal Jam are tradable, just like clothing items and den items. First, you’ll have to find a Jammer that owns the Pet Turkey. It is possible that you will have to offer valuable items, or even a pet of your own, to complete the trade.

Pet Turkey Codes

There are currently no known codes for the Pet Turkey in Animal Jam. Whenever AJHQ releases a code for either AJ or PW, they usually let everyone know through notifications on their site. If they don’t do so, it means there are no new codes. If you know of any useful codes, let us know in the comment section below! I am sure the other Jammers will be grateful for you doing so.

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