AJPW Phantom Battles Guide

With the introduction of the Phantom Dimension, AJHQ implemented the ability for players to battle Phantoms. By defeating Phantoms, players can collect Phantom Tokens, which can then be used to purchase unique items in the shop within the Phantom Dimension. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Phantom Battles, and give you tips and tricks on how you can easily defeat the evil Phantoms.

Play Wild Phantom Dimension

In order to start a Phantom Battle, you will first have to enter the Phantom Dimension. You can do so by going through the Phantom Portal, which is located at The Lost Temple of Zios. Once you go through the portal, you will find yourself in the Phantom version of Jamaa. In this dark place, you will come across a ton of Phantoms, which you can battle. After defeating them, you will get rewarded with Phantom Tokens, which can be used to purchase items in the shop.

AJPW Phantom Battles – How to Defeat the Phantoms

Once you are in the Phantom Dimension, you will find wandering Phantoms. Once a Phantom comes close to you, a sword emote will appear above its head. Around the sword emote, a red circle will appear, and once it is full, it means that the Phantom will engage you.

During a Phantom Battle, the player needs to use Paintseeds to attack the Phantom. These can be collected through the Paintseed Sapling, which can be found in the Phantom Dimension. A circle will appear, which the player needs to tap on as quickly as possible. Different types of Phantoms require different amounts of taps that result in a single attack.

If you are too slow, the Phantom will attack the you, and you will lose a life. You have a total of three lives, and when you lose all three of them, you have to restart the area. In the section below, I will tell you about the different types of Phantoms, and how many taps it requires for a single attack on each of them.

Types of Phantoms in Play Wild

Within the Phantom Dimension, you will find different types of Phantoms. There are a total of five different Phantom types, which are called as following:

  • Proto-Phantom
  • Phantom
  • Spiky Phantom
  • Heavy Phantom
  • Bat Phantom

Each of these Phantom types require a different amount of taps to be eliminated. The more taps it takes to eliminate a Phantom, the more Phantom Tokens you will earn at the end of the battle. Let’s take a look at the different Phantom Types, check out what they look like and see the amount of taps (per attack) they require to be eliminated.


The Proto-Phantom is the smallest and weakest Phantom. The Phantom basically only consists of a round eye, and in order to defeat it, you have to tap on it just once. After defeating the Proto-Phantom, you will receive 5 Phantom Tokens.


As the name already suggests, this is the familiar Phantom that you have probably seen around in Animal Jam and Play Wild. It takes two or three taps to defeat this Phantom. After doing so, you get rewarded between 15 and 25 Phantom Tokens.

Spiky Phantom

The Spiky Phantom is a small Phantom with spikes going around its body. Its eye looks rather angry. The Spikey Phantom is stronger than the regular Phantom, and requires three to four taps to defeat. It rewards you between 25 and 35 Phantom Tokens.

Heavy Phantom

The Heavy Phantom is the strongest Phantom type. It looks like a large blob, and has several stubby tentacles around its body. It takes six taps to defeat the Heavy Phantom. After doing so, you get rewarded with 55 Phantom Tokens.

Bat Phantom

The Bat Phantom is slightly different compared to the other Phantom types. To defeat it, you have to tap on it three times. However, you have to do so in quick succession. After defeating the Bat Phantom, you get rewarded with 35 Phantom Tokens.

Taps Resulting in Attacks

Keep in mind that the amount of taps described above only result in a single attack. For example, the Heavy Phantom requires a total of six taps per attack, but that will not defeat it. Each of the Phantom types need to be attacked a total of three times. This means that you will have to tap a total of eighteen times on the Heavy Phantom in order to defeat it.

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