Phantom Beanie – Animal Jam Promo Gift

Phantoms are a huge problem in Animal Jam. They usually attack the player, and you have to defeat them to complete adventures. However, if you ever wanted to look like a Phantom, the Phantom Beanie is the item that you have been looking for.

It was released on October 23, 2017, included in the Animal Jam Fall 2017 Box. The item can be obtained by redeeming a code that is included in the box.

Phantom Beanie Appearance in Animal Jam

The Phantom Beanie looks exactly like you would imagine. It is a knitted beanie, and looks like it is rather thick, perfect for keeping your head warm during cold winter days. On the front of the beanie, there is a single, giant Phantom eye, and it looks quite angry. The Phantom Beanie has only one color variant, which is black. It is not clear if any other variants will ever be released.

How to Get an AJ Phantom Beanie

If you want a Phantom Beanie in Animal Jam, there are two methods you can use to obtain it. First of all, you could try to find an Animal Jam Fall 2017 Box, which contains a code that you can redeem to get the Phantom Beanie as a gift. Secondly, you could find a Jammer that has the Phantom Beanie, and ask if they are willing to trade theirs with you. Here is how that works.

Animal Jam Fall 2017 Box

During Fall of 2017, the Animal Jam Box was send out to the people that were subscribed to the service. This box was Phantom-themed, had all kinds of items that were related to Phantoms. It also contained a special, redeemable code. Once redeemed, you would get the Phantom Beanie in the game. If you are able to find the Fall 2017 Box, you can still get that code and redeem it.

Trading – Value & Worth?

The trading method is more realistic, especially since obtaining the Animal Jam Fall 2017 Box will be quite difficult. Perhaps you can find the box, but it will probably be opened, and the code used. There are many forums that allow you to request a certain Animal Jam item, such as the Phantom Beanie. Look for traders in AJ, in crowded locations such as the Jamaa Township.

Phantom Beanie Codes

The Phantom Beanie can be obtained by redeeming a code that comes with the Animal Jam Fall 2017 Box. You will not be able to find any of those codes online. If you are looking to trade for the Phantom Beanie, you can comment down below and see if anyone wants to trade with you!

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