Phantom Box 2018

Every three months, Animal Jam sends out boxes filled with seasonal-themed merchandise to their subscribers. This quarter’s box is called the Phantom Box, which is basically a theme that goes with Halloween. Since the box is shipped yet, we have decided to see if we could find out what kind of goodies you could expect to find in it, so let’s take a look!

Box Contents

Firstly, it is guaranteed that you will find a code card in the Phantom Box. By entering the code into Animal Jam, you will receive exclusive items. They will most likely be rare items, which can only be obtained by entering the code found in the box.

Secondly, there is always a plushie inside every box. This means that you there also will be one in the Phantom Box. It will most likely be themed after the Phantoms. AJHQ has also started sending out charms with their boxes, so a Phantoms themed charm is expected.

Contents of the 2017 Phantom Box

You can also expect several apparel items in the box. You will surely receive a Phantom shirt, and perhaps another apparel item, such as a beanie, or socks. Besides these, you can expect some knickknacks, perhaps a watch, pen, notebook etc.

The Phantom Box ships in October, which means that you will get your package just in time for Halloween. There is only a limited amount of boxes available, so if you don’t order yours soon, they may very well be out of stock. I have more information about the different plans available down below.

How to Get a Phantom Box

In order to get a Phantom Box, you will have to subscribe to the Animal Jam box plan. Every three months, a new box gets shipped out to everyone that has paid for a box subscription.

Subscription Plans

There are two different plans you can subscribe to. The first one is the quarterly plan, which is a recurring subscription. You basically pay $25 to get a box every three months; however, if you are not satisfied, you can cancel anytime.

Phantom Led Watch included in the 2017 Phantom Box

The second one is the annual plan, and that means you will get a box every three months, for an entire year. The boxes will now cost $23 each, saving you some money. Keep in mind that this plan is also recurring, but you are able to cancel it anytime.

If you are excited about the Phantom Box, share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment!

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