Phantom Emote Set in Play Wild

Emotes are an important part of Animal Jam and Play Wild. It allows Jammers to indicate what they are feeling like, without actually having to type out any words. Occasionally, new emotes get added to the game. The Phantom Emote Set is the latest set of Play Wild emotes.

As the name already suggests, the Phantom Emote Set contains emotes with a Phantom theme. The set was first released on November 4, 2018. It can be obtained in the Phantom Dimension for 12,000 Phantom Tokens. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Phantom Emote Set, and check out what the individual emotes look like.

Phantom Emote Set Appearance

The Phantom Emote Set consists of a total of six individual emotes. Once the player purchases the emote set, the Phantom emotes automatically get added to the rest of their emotes. The Phantom Emote set consists of the following emotes:

  • Phantom Ninja Emote
  • Phantom Question Mark Emote
  • Lightning Phantom Emote
  • Angry Phantom Emote
  • Phantom Peace Sign Emote
  • Phantom Broken Heart Emote

You can see what each of these emotes look like in the picture below. As you can see, each of the emotes have a purple background, which makes them look quite unique.

How to Get the Phantom Emote Set in AJPW

There is currently only one way for you to obtain the Phantom Emote Set. You need to collect 12,000 Phantom Tokens by eliminating Phantoms in the Phantom Dimension, and use those tokens to purchase the Phantom Emote Set in the shop.

Phantom Dimension

Currently, the only way you can obtain the Phantom Emote Set is by purchasing it yourself. It is sold in the shop within the Phantom Dimension for 12,000 Phantom Tokens. Obtaining 12,000 Phantom Tokens will take you a while, since you will have to keep eliminating Phantoms in the Phantom Dimension to obtain Phantom Tokens as a reward.

Play Wild Phantom Emote Set Codes

After searching the internet for a while, I was unable to find any working codes for the Phantom Emote Set. If you really want the six Phantom Emotes, your only option is to go to the Phantom Dimension and eliminate enough Phantoms to collect a total of 12,000 Phantom Tokens. With those tokens, you can purchase the Phantom Emote Set from the shop. If I find any working codes for Play Wild, I will make sure to update this post to let you all know!

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