Play Wild Phantom Tokens – Tips & Cheats

Every Jammer already knows about the currencies in Animal Jam and Play Wild. Both of these games have a basic currency, which is in the form of Gems, and a premium currency, which is in the form of Diamonds in AJ and Sapphires in PW. Not too long ago, AJHQ introduced another currency into the game. The currency goes by the name of Phantom Tokens. Today, I am going to tell you more about Phantom Tokens, what you can the currency for and how to get more!

What are Play Wild Phantom Tokens?

Let’s first start with explaining what Phantom Tokens actually are. They were first introduced into the game on November 4, 2018, when the Phantom Dimension was added to Play Wild. Phantom Tokens have the appearance of gold coins with a Phantom engraved on them.

The Phantom Tokens can only be obtained, and used, in the Phantom Dimension. In order to access the Phantom Dimension, you have to go through the Phantom Portal, which is located in the Lost Temple of Zios. Simply go there in Play Wild, and you will easily spot the portal.

Another way to obtain Phantom Tokens is by finding the Giant Phantom and feeding it Paintseeds. There is a chance that the Giant Phantom will either drop 25 Phantom Tokens or 100 Phantom Tokens. However, you may also receive one of the many other prizes that the Giant Phantom drops, so this method is not very viable.

How to Get Phantom Tokens in AJPW

The only way to obtain Phantom Tokens is by battling, and defeating, random Phantoms that you come across in the Phantom Dimension. We have already written a Phantom Battles Guide that you can check out to learn more about how you can easily defeat the different Phantoms.

There are currently five different Phantom types that you can battle to earn Phantom Tokens. In the following list, you can see all five types, and the amount of Phantom Tokens they drop.

  • Proto-Phantom: 5 Phantom Tokens
  • Phantom: 15-25 Phantom Tokens
  • Spiky Phantom: 25-35 Phantom Tokens
  • Heavy Phantom: 55 Phantom Tokens
  • Bat Phantom: 35 Phantom Tokens

After collecting the Phantom Tokens, you can use them to purchase different kinds of items in the shops. However, you need to keep in mind that Phantom Tokens can only be used within the Phantom Dimension, and have no use in the regular Jamaa world.

Phantom Tokens Usage

As stated above, Phantom Tokens can be used in the multiple shops that you find in the Phantom Dimension. The shops are simply called ??? Shops, and sell a number of different items. Let’s check those items out.

??? Shop

The ??? Shops in the Phantom Dimension currently have clothing items, den items and potions for sale. You can also purchase an exclusive Phantom Emote Set using your Phantom Tokens.

The following items can be purchased at the ??? Shops:

Clothing Items

  • Dark Amulet
  • Dark Scepter
  • Dark Crown
  • Dark Gauntlets

Den Items

  • Escaped Phantom Plushie
  • Dark Throne
  • Phantom Portal


  • Phantom Emote Set


  • ­Become Your Pet Potion
  • Speed Potion
  • Glow Potion
  • Shrink Potion

In the pictures below, you can see a few examples of the items mentioned above.

Phantom Tokens Tips, Cheats & Tricks

In order to obtain the highest amount of Phantom Tokens per Phantom Battle, you have to make sure to quickly and accurately tap on the circles when they appear. If you are too slow, or if you miss a circle, you will lose one of your lives. Being inaccurate will decrease the amount of Phantom Tokens that you receive for successfully finishing a Phantom Battle.

If you have a lot of Phantom Tokens saved up, you might want to purchase some of the items in the ??? Shop and attempt to trade them. There are many Jammers that don’t want to spend a lot of time battling Phantoms, so they can’t obtain the items sold in the ??? Shops. You can buy and trade those items for some other items that you would like to own.

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