The Phantom Vortex Game Tips

Every year for Night of the Phantoms a game called The Phantom Vortex comes to town.  You may have noticed the purple and green phantom vortexes around Jamaa, just click on one to play the game!


When you enter the Phantom Vortex you’ll be inside of the room pictured below.  There’s not really anywhere to go in the room except for playing the game, so let’s get started.


The goal of the game is to stop the phantoms from getting your candy, sounds easy right?


Use your torch to defend your candy and move the phantoms away from it.  All you have to do is drag your cursor around the screen to use the torch.  You don’t have to click or anything.


There are different levels to the Phantom Vortex, each one gets more difficult and adds more phantoms.  You start off with level 1 which has one phantom, then level 2 has two phantoms, and so on.


You’ll earn more gems for each level you complete!


The higher levels get really hard with more phantoms to defend.  Here are some tips that are helpful to scoring high in the Phantom Vortex.

  • Move your torch as carefully as you can.  If you move it around the screen too fast, you might end up pushing a phantom right into your candy.
  • The phantoms need to be pushed directly into the cloud areas.  If they just drift over the area or you push them into the area above the cloud, it will not work.
  • Focus on the phantoms that are closest to your candy.  Keeping your candy protected is more important than getting rid of a phantom that’s far away.
  • As soon as you see a phantom on the screen, start pushing it towards one of the portals.  If you wait too long then there will be even more phantoms to deal with.

If you can follow these tips and beat level 5, then you will win a prize!  This year’s prize is a spooky trap door.


I was only able to make it to level 5.  After that, it was too hard to defend the candy.  How far did you make it?!


  1. I got to level 6.

  2. I made it ’till 11 , ’twas to hard to keep on , there were too many phantoms , I had to quit , I got a phantom arcade.

  3. AJBDAY6 pls give me 5

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