Phantom’s Treasure Cheats for Animal Jam


Phantom’s Treasure is a game found at the bottom of Deep Blue.  This game is a kind of “I Spy” game where you have to find different hidden objects in a picture.  To begin, players choose from two different areas to find the hidden items; Hidden Reef and Sunken Ship.


I personally think the Sunken Ship is easier to find items, but try them both out and see what you think!  You have to find all of the items that are listed along the bottom edge of the picture.  If you find all of the Phantom’s Treasure items quickly enough, you earn bonus points for any extra time.


Cheats & Hints

After you do each area a couple times, the items start to repeat themselves.  Eventually you’ll remember where all of the items are located.

Another way to cheat is to screenshot each area and see where the items are located.

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  1. When I did it it was SUPER easy!!! I was wondering why and how my sister thought it was hard!

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