Animal Jam Pig Plushies!

If you are looking to increase your Plushie collection in Animal Jam, I have some good news for you. AJHQ released the Pig Plushie into the game. The den item was released on April 6, 2019, and can be won by playing The Pig Claw game. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Pig Plushie!

Pig Plushie Appearance

The Pig Plushie is a cute pig that is sitting down. It has black eyes, white pupils and a nice smile. On the top of its head, there is one tuft of hair. There are several stitches going from the head of the pig to its belly. There are a total of ten varieties, of which seven are considered regular.

There are also three unique Pig Plushies. What makes them unique are the outfits that those Pig Plushies are wearing. In the pictures below, you can see what the unique items look like.

Flying Pig

First of all, there is the Flying Pig. This Pig Plushie is wearing a pilot helmet and goggles, as well as a scarf. Because of its outfit, this Pig Plushie is also called the Flying Pig.

Chef Pig

The Chef Pig is wearing a chef’s hat, a white apron and a small red scarf. Because of its outfit, this Pig Plushie is also called the Chef Pig.

Punk Rocker Pig

The last unique Pig Plushie is called the Punk Rocket Pig. As you can see in the picture below, it appears to be wearing a black leather jacket, black sunglasses and has a Mohawk. It also has a gold earring in both of its ears.

Pig Plushies in Animal Jam – How to Get Them All!

None of the Pig Plushies were ever sold in any of the stores in the game. The only way to get them is by playing The Pig Claw game, which is a claw game den item. Let’s take a look at how you can obtain a Pig Plushie for yourself.

The Pig Claw Game

As mentioned above, it is possible to obtain all of the Pig Plushies by playing The Pig Claw game. In order to do so, you will have to purchase The Pig Claw den item, which is currently sold at the Diamond Shop for 3 Diamonds. When you win a game on The Pig Claw den item, your prize will be one of the Pig Plushie variants.


You might not want to purchase The Pig Claw den item for one reason or another. If that is the case, you can always try to trade for the Pig Plushies. The regular variants are pretty common. However, the unique outfit Pig Plushies will require you to offer valuable items in return.

Pig Plushie Codes for Animal Jam

There are currently no codes available for the Pig Plushie in Animal Jam. If you want to obtain a Pig Plushie, you can easily do so by playing The Claw Game, or by trading for it.

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