Pill Bugs Cheats for Animal Jam


Pill bugs is a game located in the Sarepia Forest in Jamaa.  The game is like pinball, the goal is to shoot your pill bug at the ladybugs on each level and hit all of the blue ones.  The more ladybugs you hit, the more points you earn.


There are five different sets of levels, each contain six levels.  Check out the cheats and hints listed below to see how to beat all the levels.


Cheats & Hints

The green ladybugs turn into a multi-ball when hit.

The small yellow ladybugs give you an extra pill bug.

Pink ladybugs give you points.

If you clear all of the ladybugs on the level, you unlock a special achievement.

Any leftover pill bugs give you points after you beat the level.


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  1. How do I earn a good pill but so u can get more saphires?

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