Animal Jam Pillow Pets

The creators of Animal Jam have been busy creating lots of new toys lately.  One of the newest and most exciting toys they’ve come out with is Animal Jam Pillow Pets.  That’s right, some of your favorite animals are now available as plush pillows!

I know these new Animal Jam Pillow Pets will be a big success.  Why?  Because the original Pillow Pets were hugely popular and now that they’re combining forces with Animal Jam, it can’t get much better.  I’m going to show you all about these new toys along with where you can buy them.

What are Animal Jam Pillow Pets?

Now some of you may be wondering, just what are Animal Jam Pillow Pets?  Well first of all, a Pillow Pet is a stuffed animal that can transform into a pillow!  They’re great for travel but are also fun to just have around the house!

Pillow Pets look exactly like a normal stuffed animal but the cool part is you can unhook the fasteners on it and it will lay flat as a pillow.  Now your best plush buddies can also be used as a comfortable pillow.  And did I mention how soft they are?  They are very very soft!

Animal Jam Pillow Pets were first released in September of 2017 and they have been a hot product ever since.  When they first came out there were 3 types available: a fox, a lynx, and a bunny.  I’m sure they’ll be coming out with more variations eventually, there are so many great animals in the game!

Another really neat thing about these AJ Pillow Pets is that each one comes with a unique code.  When you purchase one of these toys you’ll get a one-time use code that unlocks a special exclusive item in Animal Jam!  So let’s take a look at the different Pillow Pets and what the codes unlock.

Animal Jam Lynx Pillow Pet

The lynx Pillow Pet comes in a green color with light blue and pink accents.  Who wouldn’t want to snuggle with one of these?!  It also comes with a code to unlock a lynx Pillow Pet in Animal Jam.

Fox Pillow Pet

The fox is another Animal Jam favorite and the Pillow Pet version comes in a purple color with tan accents.  Love the blue eyes on this one too.  If you buy a fox Pillow Pet you’ll get a code to unlock one in the game .

Animal Jam Bunny Pillow Pet

The bunny is the third Pillow Pet from the initial release.  Bunnies have been around ever since the Beta days of Animal Jam so it’s only right that there’s a Pillow Pet version.  Each one comes with a code for an in-game bunny Pillow Pet!

Where to Buy Animal Jam Pillow Pets

You’re probably wondering how to get your very own Animal Jam Pillow Pet.  Well the good news is they’re pretty easy to find.  How much do they cost?  From my research it looks like most retailers are selling them for about $20.  So they’re not too expensive!  Especially since they have a second use as a pillow!

Here are some links to where you can buy these toys.

You may be able to find Animal Jam Pillow Pets in stores too.  It’s always best to call ahead and check if they’re in stock before visiting, especially if it’s a long trip to the store.

I’ll try to keep this page updated as best as I can when new AJ Pillow Pets come out.  If I’m missing any of them please let me know in the comments!

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  1. I think you can also buy them on the pillow pet website?

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