Plaques in Animal Jam – Tips Guide to Get All Plaques!

Plaques are usually given to people that have done something extraordinary, and deserve to get some recognition for it. Interesting things happen in Animal Jam as well. That is why AJHQ decided to implement different kinds of Plaques into the game. Today, we are going to take a look at what kind of Plaques you can earn in Animal Jam, and what they look like.

Plaques Appearance in Animal Jam

There are currently seventeen different Plaques in Animal Jam. The first nine are considered to be original, and they all look similar. They consist of a wooden board that is shaped like a shield. On it, there is a golden emblem, which differs according to the Plaque you are looking at.

The newer Plaques are different. The shield is dark blue instead of brown, and the emblems are silver instead of gold. Naturally, the emblems differ depending on the Plaque. Let’s take a look at the different Plaques, and see what they look like.

Original AJ Plaques

The Original Plaques are also considered to be the Standard Plaques. They can be obtained by doing various activities in the game. Some can also be obtained by being active on The Daily Explorer. Some of the Original Plaques got replaced by Diamond Plaques later on. There are also a couple of Original Plaques that are no longer obtainable.

Online Safety Plaque

The Online Safety Plaque can be obtained by taking the Online Safety Quiz at the Conversation Museum or Chamber of Knowledge. All of the answers you give need to be correct.

Artist Plaque

In order to obtain the Artist Plaque, you need to create an artwork at the Art Studio first. If your artwork gets featured at Jammer Central, you will receive the Artist Plaque.

Epic Den Plaque

The Daily Explorer occasionally hosts a den contest, and if you manage to win it, you will receive the Epic Den Plaque.

Video Plaque

In order to obtain the Video Plaque, either Tierney Thys or Brady Barr needs to answer a question that you have sent in.

Contest Plaque

The Contest Plaque gets rewarded to Jammers that win a contest on The Daily Explorer. You can also get the Contest Plaque as a prize for competing in contests on the Instagram page of Animal Jam.

Replaced Plaques

The following Plaques have been replaced and are no longer obtainable in Animal Jam.

AJHQ Plaque

News Crew Plaque

Unobtainable Plaques

Both the Reward Plaque and Howl Plaque have been removed from the game and are no longer obtainable.

Reward Plaque

Howl Plaque

Diamond Plaques

As stated above, some of the Original Plaques have been replaced by Diamond Plaques.

Diamond Jammer Snaps Plaque

The Diamond Jammer Snaps Plaque is earned by winning the Jammer Snaps contest.

Diamond Jammer Art Plaque

The Diamond Jammer Art Plaque is earned by winning a Jammer Art contest.

Diamond News Crew Plaque

The Diamond News Crew Plaque is earned by joining the News Crew.

Community Plaques

The following five Plaques are earned by doing certain things outside of Animal Jam and The Daily Explorer.

Community Contest Plaque

You can earn the Community Contest Plaque by winning a contest on the Official Animal Jam Instagram page.

Fan Art Plaque

The Fan Art Plaque is earned when your fan art is highlighted by AJHQ.

Videographer Plaque

The Videographer Plaque is earned when your video is highlighted by AJHQ. You will also receive this Plaque when you reach 100,000 subscribers as an Animal Jam YouTuber.

Positive Player Plaque

You can be rewarded with the Positive Player Plaque if you are very helpful and positive towards other Jammers. This can be either in the game, or on social media.

Jambassador Plaque

The Jambassador Plaque was a reward to Jammers that were invited to the 2016 VidCon. The Jammers that were invited to the AJHQ/WildWorks workplace also received the Jambassador Plaque. It is not clear how you can obtain this Plaque nowadays.

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