Play Wild Arctic Wolf Guide

The Arctic Wolf is one of the premium animals in Play Wild.  In order to unlock an Arctic Wolf, you have to purchase it from the Play Wild Premium Shop.  Here’s what they look like!


Arctic Wolves cost $2.99 at the Premium Shop so you’ll need a credit card to get one, unless you know any cheats to get an arctic wolf for free!


When you get an Arctic Wolf in Animal Jam Play Wild, you also get a bunch of other free items and gifts.  You even get 3000 gems too!

If you’re sure you want to buy and Arctic Wolf, you’ll have to confirm the purchase with your Google Play or iTunes account.


After you finish the payment process, you’ll get your Play Wild Arctic Wolf!  Don’t they look cool!?


You’ll also get a bunch of other free gifts after buying an Arctic Wolf.  The first is an e-book all about wolves!


Next up, you’ll get an entire outfit of Play Wild reindeer gear.  The first piece of reindeer gear is a saddle.


Next you’ll get some reindeer antlers, they look so awesome on the Arctic Wolf!


And a pair of reindeer boots.


Of course you’ll need a reindeer tail for your Arctic Wolf!


And the final piece of Play Wild reindeer gear, a collar.


Last but not least, you’ll get a gift of 3000 Play Wild gems for free!


Finally we get to see the Arctic Wolf out in the wild!


I love how they walk in the game, time to dress it up!


Check out the video below for more footage of the Arctic Wolf in Play Wild.

Play Wild Arctic Wolf Treasure Hunts

Most of you who have gone on Play Wild Treasure Hunts have seen that some of the treasure hunts are only for certain animals.  This guide will show you through one of the Arctic Wolf treasure hunts.


Here’s what one of the Arctic Wolf treasure hunts looks like!  This treasure hunt is called Polar Floe.  You can win a Yeti Mask, 250 gems, and 100 gems.  I really want that Yeti Mask!


Let’s get started with the Arctic Wolf Treasure hunt!  The board is open and there are 5 chances to pick the winning prize boxes.


Watch this video to see how my treasure hunt went!  Be sure to check back for more Play Wild Updates.

  1. Um… so… I’ve seen a lot of players with an artic wolf with the name arctic wolf… How??? Plz tell me if its a code or something

  2. I love this game

  3. i really want a arctic wolf glitch or codes! if you know one buddy me in ajpw please please please! my username is cataj62

    • You are able to get them now with 150 sapphires if you play on IOS


  5. Hey guys I’m working on getting artic wolf so ya

  6. Idk what u are talking about Beacause i started ajpw after the arctic wolf update so there is no way i can get arctic wolf for free…
    btw if u wanna be my buddy my username is Kikithegamer21

    • Plz help me get one

      • Theres no way we can.. try playing the games, once you have completed all the quests in the minigames you get 500 saphires, then if you want membership you can spend those on on membership then you will get ANOTHER 500 gems, then you can get whichever animal or den you want too

  7. O hi ppl I play ajpw and my name is kawaiiangelwolf100
    I’m quite beta. And I really REALLY WANT EPIC DRAGON MASK!!!!!!

  8. I have spiked collar and I am a wolf, bunny and monkey.Dro82 treaded it to me.Dro82 is my best friend at school her name is minty.
    From taraeva6 and if you want you can be my buddy I am taraeva6

  9. Hi, I got a spiked collar on the same game, and the spiked collar is from Arctic wolf treasure hunts on Mondays. How do you flawlessly and easily get one? I’m renting mine.

    • This is what I do.You get as many expensive and rare items as you possibly can and put them on trade.Then you say you want (color) spike look at trade list.Try and do this at a trading party or Jamaa Township.Plz check out of account on Animal Jam Play Wild for more information.My account is Rosiecat1225

  10. Hey, this game is awesome. Anyways I was wondering if anyone here has a blue 2016 banner? If you do please tell me on Animaljam not play wild. My username is Ferretsrock101 Thanks!

  11. i know how to get all of the pw in app for free

  12. Hey AJworld!
    I have a strange glitch i wanted to report, I have screenchots also! My den turned into Jamaa township, I could edit the village and put den items into it! I belive what happened was I was trying to eave a den , when the owner locked it so i arrived at my den the same time i arrived at jamma townships!

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