Play Wild Autumn Thicket Treasure Hunt Cheats & Guide

Autumn Thicket is the first Play Wild Treasure Hunt that I ever played.  This Treasure Hunt is for bunnies only so if you don’t have one yet, you need to go to the shop and buy one.  I was already playing as a bunny so I was ready to start the hunt!

Autumn Thicket Hidden Prizes

  • 250 gems
  • Guitar
  • 100 gems


The treasure hunts are very simple if you haven’t played them yet.  All you have to do is tap on different boxes and you win the prize behind that box!  You only get 5 chances to pick the winning boxes so choose wisely!


Here’s what the Autumn Thicket Treasure Hunt board looks like after I picked my first four boxes.  I’m not sure if the hidden prize locations are the same for everyone or if they’re random.  But if they’re the same, use the image below as cheats for when you do it!


I got lucky and picked a winner right off the bat, 100 gems!


Let’s see how my last key went.  75 gems, awesome!


When you’ve picked your last treasure box, the Treasure Hunt will be over and you’ll see this screen.  Any gems you’ve won will now be in your account!


Thanks for reading my cheats guide for the Autumn Thicket Treasure Hunt in Play Wild.  I’m still learning exactly how these things work so bear with me!  Check back soon for more Play Wild guides!

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