Play Wild Gorillas are Here!

It is always exciting when new animals get announced in both Animal Jam and Play Wild. We always look forward to see what they look like, how they behave and what they can do. That is why today, I have some very good news for Jammers. August 31st marks the date of a new release, which is the amazing Gorilla! These primates will surely be well-received, as there are no animals like it. You can buy one for yourself at the Sapphire Shop.

As you can see, the release of the Gorillas was announced in a similar fashion as most other animal releases in the game. The picture shows two different Gorillas; one with blue fur and green lightning bolts on it, and one with brown fur and purple markings on it. I am sure that the Gorilla comes in a default skin, but you are able to change its appearance as you please. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Gorillas in the game.

Play Wild Gorilla Pictures

Before I could take any pictures of the Gorilla, I first needed to go to the Jamaa Township and visit the Sapphire Shop. The animal costs 150 Sapphires, which is the usual cost for any new animal releases in PW. I have taken some pictures to show you guys what the it looks like, and to check out its moves. Let’s see what the Gorilla can do.

Firstly, I wanted to check out the Gorilla’s dance moves. It appears like it wiggles around on one leg, after which it smashes down both of its hands. When it goes left, it hops on its left leg, and when it goes right, it hops on its right leg.

When you tell the Gorilla to sit, it will back down and sit on its behind. Its arms will be on its sides, fists on the ground. It will slowly wiggle its head back and forth, breathing.

You can allow your Gorilla to take a nap by clicking on the sleep action. It will lay down on its side, arms crossed over and its head resting on its arms. Its legs will be curled up. The Gorilla will slightly move up and down, imitating a breathing motion.

As you all know, animals can be quite heavy, and it is difficult for heavy animals to jump up high. When you tell it to hop, it will make small jumps. Its legs will lift it up, and its fists will land back on the ground.

Lastly, the play action will show how aggressive an animal can be. It will slap its hands on the ground, after which it will stand on both legs and beat its chests with its fists. That is typical primate behavior!

Gorilla Codes for Play Wild

It is not often that codes are made available for PW. There are no codes for the Gorilla. If you want one, you will have to buy it for 150 Sapphires at the Sapphire shop. You can also get the Grand Gorilla Bundle, which includes a Gorilla, for 250 Sapphires.

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