Play Wild Jamaa Township Treasure Hunt Cheats Guide

Another Treasure Hunt in Play Wild is the one located in Jamaa Township.  This Treasure Hunt is for Monkeys only, so if you don’t have a monkey, you have to buy one from the shop.

Jamaa Township Hidden Prizes

  • 250 gems
  • Bowler Hat
  • 100 gems


I didn’t have a monkey when I first tried to play the Jamaa Township Treasure Hunt so I had to buy one.  Tap the green button to go to the store.


In the Play Wild Store you can buy a monkey.  They cost 3000 gems and you can customize them just like your other animals.  Luckily I had just enough gems so I was able to play!


Once you have a monkey, you’re able to start playing the Jamaa Township Treasure Hunt.  Here’s what the board looks like when you first start.  5 boxes to choose, let’s go!


Let’s see how I did!  I found two of the hidden prizes in the Treasure Hunt.  Both of them were gem prizes.  I’m still not sure if the hidden prize locations are the same for all Jammers.  You can try using the image below as cheats for when you do the Jamaa Township Treasure Hunt!


Good luck to everyone when doing the Play Wild Jamaa Township Treasure Hunt!  If anybody else has screenshots to add to the cheats page, let me know.  I bet if we pool enough of our finds together we can figure out some patterns for getting all the hidden prizes!

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