Play Wild Packs FAQ’s

Have you ever wanted to create your own secret group in Animal Jam? A group that only you and your friends can join, with a secret hideout and a secret chat channel? If so, I have some very good news for you! Animal Jam: Play Wild now has a feature called Packs.

You and your friends can create your very own Pack, and every Pack needs an Alpha. You must first swear allegiance to one of the six Alpha animals of Animal Jam. After doing so, you will be able to create your own Pack badges, earn experience through events and level up your animal.

When it’s time to chill, you and your friends can return to the Pack’s hideout, check out the Loot Chest there, which gives you daily prizes. Play Wild Packs basically are groups of friends that can now play Animal Jam: Play Wild together, which is more fun!

Animal Jam: Play Wild Packs FAQ’s

It is normal to have questions about the Play Wild Packs feature, especially if you have never created a Pack before. I will now answer the frequently asked Pack questions here below.

How to Create a Pack

Firstly, you need to make sure that you have a membership. You’ll go to the Alpha Chamber, where you will be presented with two options. Tap on the “Create your own Pack” option. After that, you will need to pick an Alpha Allegiance, choose a Pack name and create a badge for your Pack. Once done, you can invite your friends to your Pack, and go to the Hideout.

How to Join a Pack

There are three ways of joining a Pack. You can either tap on the Pack Icon, tap on the “Join a Pack” button on a player card or by tapping on the Coat of Arms icon. If you are invited to a Pack, you can simply accept the invite to join it.

Can a player be in more than one Pack at once?

No, you can’t. It is only possible to swear allegiance to one pack at a time.

How to Create a Pack Name

You need to think of something original for your Pack name, and that can be difficult. Maybe you know of a funny pun, or you want to name your Pack after your favorite animal. There is no need to rush it, so take your time and something will come up!

      – Why does my pack name show as my username’s pack?

Before your Pack name appears, it first needs to be approved by the moderators. Until then, your username will show as your Pack name.

      – Why did my pack name get rejected?

Pack names are monitored, just like usernames. If your pack name is rejected, it basically means that you broke the rules.

How to Change my Pack’s Name

To change your Pack’s name, you need to tap on the Pack icon, followed by the gear icon and then click on the little pencil next to your Pack’s name. Keep in mind that it will cost you 15 Sapphires to do so. The new Pack name will also have to be approved before showing up.

How to Choose Pack Allegiance

Tapping on the “Create a Pack” option automatically transfers you to the Alpha Chamber. In there, you will be able to choose a Pack Allegiance.

      –  Can I Change Alpha Allegiance?

Make sure that you read up about the available Alpha Allegiances, before you make choice. After you have picked one, it is not possible to change your Alpha Allegiance.

How to Create a Pack Crest

After entering the name of your Pack, you will automatically go to the “Pack Crest Creation” screen. There, you will be able to select different colors and shapes, and create your crest.

      – Can I change my pack crest?

After you have created and submitted your Pack’s crest, you will no longer be able to go back to change it.

How to invite buddies and players to your pack

After creating your Pack, you can start inviting your friends. First, you can go to your buddy list and invite the players that you want in your Pack by selecting them. If the player that you are trying to invite isn’t in your buddy list, you can tap on their player card and invite them.

Can I promote other members of the pack?

Packs in Play Wild have three roles: Owner, Leader and Member. There can only be one Owner in a Pack, but there is no restriction to how many Leaders there can be. Only the Leader has the Promote/Demote option. The Leaders only have the Promote option.

How to make someone else a leader of the pack?

It is not possible to transfer ownership of a Pack. This means that, if you are the Owner of the Pack, that you cannot make someone else the Owner. However, you can promote them to the Leader role, which is one step higher than the Member role.

How do I demote other members of the pack?

To demote a member, you need to go to the Pack Members menu. You can demote a Leader to a Member. However, only the Owner can demote members in a Pack.

How do I remove players from my pack?

To remove a member from the pack, you will need to go to the Pack Members menu. After that, tap on the member’s name and tap on “Remove Pack Member”. Only the Owner and the Leaders of a Pack are able to remove players.

How do I block a player from rejoining my pack?

You will need to set your Pack to Private, if you want to block a player from rejoining. To do so, go to the Settings tab, and switch from a Public Pack to a Private Pack.

Can I make my pack private?

Yes, you can make your Pack Private. To do so, go to the Settings Tab. There, you can select whether you want your Pack to be Public or Private.

Will the rewards from a blocked player still count towards the pack?

It is possible that you had an argument with another Pack member, or that you simply do not want to listen to what they have to say. Their rewards will still count towards the Pack, as long as they are a member of the Pack.

What if my PW membership expires while I’m in a pack?

If your membership expires while you are in a Pack, you will no longer be able to use its features. To regain access, you will have to renew your membership.

What’s a Pack Hideout?

A Pack Hideout is a secret location for just you and your Pack members. There, you will find exclusive loot chests and reward, different kinds of Pack Activities and more.

    – Can non-Pack members visit our Pack hideout?

No, it is not possible for non-Pack members to visit your Pack Hideout.

What are Pack Rewards?

Each member of your Pack will earn Pack Rewards. Those will transfer to the Loot Chest, which can be found in your Pack Hideout.

     – How do Pack members contribute to the Pack?

Pack members contribute to the pack by simply playing Animal Jam: Play Wild, and by meeting the Pack Goals.

What is the Hideout loot chest?

The Hideout Loot Chest is where all your Pack’s rewards and gifts go to. You can check the Loot Chest for something new by going to your Pack’s Hideout.

    – Is there a chance for rare items in the hideout loot chest?

Yes, it is possible for the Hideout Loot Chest to contain rare and mysterious items.

What is the gem tree?

Besides the Loot Chest, there is also a Gem Tree in every Hideout. Members of a Pack can collect Gems, and sometimes even Sapphires, from the Gem Tree.

What are Pack goals?

Pack Goals are like special missions. You and your Pack members need to complete those missions. By doing so, you will receive rewards in your Loot Chest.

What is Pack chat?

The Pack Chat is a special chat room, just for members of your Pack. This way, you and your Pack have a secret channel to talk about whatever you like.

What if I get bullied or threatened to be kicked out of a pack?

Bullying is against the rules, and is definitely not tolerated by AJHQ. If you are being bullied or threatened, report the player(s) by tapping on their player card, followed by tapping on the badge.

What if another player is asking me for items in order to be accepted into a pack?

This is another thing that is against the rules, and seen as inappropriate behavior by AJHQ. You should never give another player your items to join their Pack, but instead, you should report them by tapping on their player card, followed by tapping on the badge.

Can the pack owner promote another owner without leaving the pack?

No, it is not possible for the Pack Owner to promote another Owner. The only way a Pack changes ownership is when the current Owner leaves. One of the Leaders will automatically become the Owner.

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