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On June 24th 2015, Developers Wildworks, Inc. brought their world famous children’s massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG), “Animal Jam”, to the iPad when they created
“Animal Jam Play Wild”. Animal Jam Play Wild is available on the iTunes App Store where it is well received with 4.5 stars. To play Animal Jam- Play Wild you need iOS 7.1 and it’s currently only available for the iPad although it’s anticipated that Wildworks, Inc. is looking to expand Animal Jam- Play Wild to other platforms.

Similar to its predecessor, Animal Jam Play Wild is an MMORPG that takes place on the planet Jamaa and was created in tandem with the folks over at the National Geographic foundation to create an environment where kids not only have fun, but they also learn about the animals inhabiting our planet, the threats they face as a result of habitat destruction and industrialization, and how we have a responsibility to preserve the natural world for future generations.


In Animal Jam  Play Wild, users choose between one of three characters: a wolf, a rabbit, and a monkey. They are given the option of customizing their character with various wacky fur patterns, clothing items, accessories, etc. Each player also gets their own den which acts as their home in Jamaa. The den can be upgraded with furniture, ornaments, flowers, and many other products you would expect to find in a home. Players can invite their friends to their den to dance and listen to music, or to simply hang out and drink some tea.

In Jamaa players can add friends, chat, play games, enter quests, go on treasure hunts, and many more feautures are being added as Animal Jam Play Wild expands. If you’re a child under the age of 18, you’re going to need a parent to activate your account and allow chatting. Parents can rest easy it seems Wildworks, Inc. has taken all of the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of its users who are mostly children.

24/7 live moderation, filtered chat, as well as the ability to report players who break the rules, and a variety of parental controls, make this seem like quite the safe game for your child. Still, make sure to go over all of the rules and regulations to ensure you’re familiar with all aspects of online safety.


Another crucial parental control is the ability to turn off in game purchases, although Animal Jam  Play Wild is free to download users can purchase a variety of digital goods through the app. Parents can control this feature on their parental controls dashboard, ensuring their child’s zeal for Animal Jam Play Wild doesn’t result in unwanted charges.
If you’ve played Animal Jam on your laptop or computer, you can use your old username and password if you’d like.

Play Wild Tips and Cheats Guide

When you begin Animal Jam Play Wild, try and add your own unique twist to ensure you don’t look too much like the other players. Currently, Animal Jam Play Wild only has 3 characters and it can be easy to get confused as to which one is yours when you’re in a room full of 20 other animals that look just like yours. In the future there will be more animals added but for now this tip will clear up a lot of confusion.

As an MMORPG, Animal Jam Play Wild, very heavily emphasizes the social aspect of its gameplay. Being social makes the game so much richer and engaging that I couldn’t imagine Animal Jam- Play Wild without that social aspect. You can add friends that you know in real life or you can make friends in the game. Either way, make sure not to give any personal information to anyone you don’t know on the web, luckily Animal Jam Play Wild solves this issue to some degree by only allowing you to choose a username from a predetermined list of names. Fret not, these aren’t your run of the mill generic names but are quite funny, for example my wolf character was named “Old Rowdydog”.


Although your choice of a character isn’t that important, usually people in Animal Jam Play Wild are more likely to befriend someone who is the same species. Whether this was just my experience or a “birds of a feather flock together” situation I’m not sure, but it’s far more common to see a pack of wolves than a mixed group. So if all of your friends are monkeys, then I would suggest being a monkey, and so on.

Furthermore, the animal you choose also dictates which quest you can go on and which treasure hunts are available to you. Although it’s tempting to begin your treasure hunts as soon as possible, these are few and far between so only attempt them when you really need the coins.

However, don’t fret if you chose an animal you ended up disliking, you can purchase one of each animal type and you can switch between these.

Having a lot of friends can come in handy, not only does it mean you won’t get bored playing but also you can trade items with friends and friends can invite you to go on lucrative adventures or to compete in games with them.

Trading is awesome in Animal Jam Play Wild because the in game store very frequently rotates its inventory so that you may be saving up for a long time to buy a piece of furniture or clothing only to find it’s no longer in the store. Lucky for you many people experience this and you can always trade something a friend wants from you for a piece you desire.


There are five ecological areas to Jamaa, there’s the starting area the Jamaa Township, which acts as the capital of Jamaa, it has a lot of stores, games, dens, etc. Then there’s the Lost Temple of Zios, a nshrine based archaeological site. There’s the beach themed Crystal Sands, the desert themed coral canyons, which looks a lot like the Grand Canyon, the tropical Sarepia Forest, and finally the arctic Mt. Shiveer.

Each area has it’s own personality and has hidden secrets designed for specific animals. The Lost Temple of Zios has a secret den for bunnies, when you land just head westwards and right after the river you’ll see a hole in the ground with a bunny icon right above it, this is the secret den. There’s nothing really to do in these areas as far as earning gems, but they are great places to meet other players, make friends, and conduct trades.

Similarly, Crystal Sands has a secret cave for wolves to the east of the landing site after the waterfall. The forest has a similar area for monkeys where you can play around and meet fellow simians.
Here’s a great animal specific cheat to keep in mind: for some of the games there are certain advantages if you have a certain animal. For example, the Falling Phantoms game is great for rabbits because they are small and agile, making it easier to hide in corners to avoid the phantoms, and to quickly evade being attacked. Keeping these game specific cheats in mind will do wonders for getting you the most gems per game.


There are two forms of currency in Animal Jam Wild Play, there are gems and diamonds. Gems are free and can be earned through playing games and through treasure hunts and various other in game activities. Diamonds can only be purchased and are the premium currency.

Currency in Animal Jam Play Wild is very valuable, meaning gems are fairly hard to come by and you have to work hard/ play a lot of games to get a good amount of gems. Diamonds are a great way to cheat that system and get what you want immediately. However these cheats aren’t free, 10 diamonds cost $9.99 and if you buy more diamonds you get a discount, 25 diamonds are $19.99.
For people who have never played Animal Jam before, on their laptop or desktop or the beta version of Animal Jam Play Wild, I highly suggest holding off and seeing how much you like the game before purchasing diamonds or choosing to become a member.

Animal Jam has a hardcore following from its original PC version, for these fans I would recommend becoming a member for only $6.95 per month, $29.95 for 6 months, or $54.95 for 12 months is well worth it. Members get access to many secret features not available to free users, including access to member’s only lounges and free diamond gifts every week.

Review of Play Wild

Based on my experience with Animal Jam Play Wild, I have no doubt that it will be successful just like its predecessor. The 3d graphics far surpassed expectations. I really liked the increased attention to security and safety of children, as well as the overall ethical foundations of the storyline that emphasize environmental sustainability.


Still, it’s obvious that Animal Jam Play Wild is still in its second Beta version. There are a fair amount of glitches and although this has the potential to be a massively popular game, there are still many features that have yet to be released.

Nevertheless, I’m confident once the full version is released for worldwide audiences it will live up to the standards of the original Animal Jam.


Artwork 10/10

Artwork was vibrant and stunning. Careful attention was paid to the smallest details. Each environment was rich and vivid, also the color scheme added to the joyful and happy tone of the entire game.

Sound/ Special Effects 10/10

Sound and special effects were masterfully woven together. Each game and environment had its own sounds and special effects which were suitable to the actions of the users and what was going on in the story.

Story/ Originality 10/10

I loved the addition of an educational aspect to the gameplay. It made for a rich and rewarding experience.

Gameplay 9/10

Gameplay was easy to understand and intuitive. Within five minutes of gameplay I had already mastered the general controls and navigation. Point deducted for occasional glitches.

Addictiveness 8/10

Generally an addictive game but because it has only recently been released, there are many restrictions which make certain aspects seem repetitive, e.g. there only being three animals and most of the locations are closed off.


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