Play Wild Super Sweets – Cheats & Tips

If you have been a Jammer for a while, you might know some of the popular mini-games that are available. During the Night of the Phantoms event, new mini-games get released as well. Super Sweets is one of those min-games, released back on October 2015. You can only play this min-game during the Night of the Phantoms, so this is your chance to win some amazing prizes!

To start a Super Sweets game, you will first need to find the game icon. There are a total of four different locations where you can start the game; Jamaa Township, Mt. Shiveer, Sarepia Forest and Crystal Sands. You have to go through the Phantom portal to get to the Super Sweets area. Once there, a window will pop-up, allowing you to start the game by clicking the green button.

Super Sweets Gameplay in AJPW

The Super Sweets gameplay is rather simple. All you have to do is match three identical candies on the board. You can connect them horizontally, vertically and even diagonally. After you have connected at least three identical candies, your animal will attack the Phantoms on the right of your screen. The amount of candies you connect in one move will determine the damage you do to the Phantoms. You need to defeat all three Phantoms in order to complete the game.

Super Sweets Power-ups

No mini-game would be complete without power-ups, and Super Sweets has several of them.

          Heart: The player regains 100 health points.

          Boomseed: Explodes when used, blows up the candies surrounding it.

          Link Power-Up: when used, allows the player to connect different candies together.

          Raining Boomseed: After collecting enough candies of a certain kind, the meter at the bottom-left will fill up completely, allowing you to rain Boomseeds on the Phantoms.

Super Sweets Rewards

Successfully completing a game of Super Sweets also rewards you with prizes. These are the prizes that you can win in the 2018 edition of the mini-game;

          250 Gems

          Werewolf Mask

          Werewolf Paws

          Werewolf Tail

          Haunted Mira Mask

          Haunted Zios Mask

          Super Sweets Trophy

Super Sweets Tips & Cheats

It is important that you keep an eye on your health. While you are attacking the Phantoms, they will attack back after a few turns. If your health is low, try grabbing the heart power-up, to gain back 100 health points.

Check out the board before you make any moves. Matching more than 3 candies together will make your attacks more powerful, so it’s always wise to see if there are any candies that you can add to your link.

On the last day of the Night of the Phantoms event, 31 October, which is on Halloween, you can win Rare Items by playing Super Sweets. Make sure that you play several games to earn those Rare Items.

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