Polar Arctic Foxes in Animal Jam

Polar arctic foxes first came to Animal Jam on March 1st 2018 after being announced in February.  They are very similar in appearance to the arctic fox but they have a cool snowflake special effect on them.  What else does the new Polar Arctic Fox have to offer?

At the time of writing this, you can purchase the polar arctic fox at the Diamond Shop.  However this may be an animal that eventually leaves the Diamond Shop just like the Snowflake Arctic Wolf did.  You must be an Animal Jam member to buy a polar arctic fox.  They cost 10 diamonds like the other animals there.

If you want to go see the polar arctic foxes up close, you can head over to the Diamond Shop.  Buying a polar arctic fox is easy if you’re an Animal Jam member.  Members get free diamonds every day just for logging in to the game!

The polar arctic fox is the third “imaginary” animal to come to Animal Jam.  I say imaginary because of the snowflake pattern, arctic foxes are real.  The other two before it were the spring bunny and the snowflake arctic wolf.

As I said earlier the appearance of the polar arctic fox is almost identical to the normal arctic fox in Animal Jam.  The dance, hop, sleep and play moves are all the same as the arctic fox too which is a bit disappointing.

I still think the polar arctic foxes are really cool animals though!  The snowflake pattern all around them is pretty enchanting looking.  It really turns heads when you’re exploring Jamaa, especially if you pair it with some flashy armor.

How to Get a Polar Arctic Fox in Animal Jam

The Polar Arctic Fox is definitely an eye-catching animal so I can see why many Jammers want to get one.  Unfortunately I don’t know of any ways to get one for free.  There aren’t any working codes that I know of and I don’t think these will be available for non-members any time soon.

Being an Animal Jam member is by far the easiest way to get all of the new animals that come out.  Pretty much all of them are members-only so you have to be a member to buy them anyways.  Once you become a member, saving diamonds is a breeze since you get free ones every day you log in!

But don’t feel bad if you’re not a member.  Becoming a member on Animal Jam might be easier than you think!   You could ask your parents if you can do chores around the house to earn money or you could enter one of our giveaways too.

If anyone else has any creative ways to get a Polar Arctic Fox in Animal Jam please share them with us in the comments!

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  1. I have no Idea my username is Sparklewolfiez Pleeeeeeeaaaaasssseeee tell me ANY CODES BUT NOT GEM CODES on play wild. Thanks! 🙂

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