Polar Bears Have Returned & Night of the Phantoms Updates

This week’s Jamaa Journal has some great new updates so let’s take a look at what we’ve got!

Polar bears are back from traveling and can once again be purchased at the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds.  They’ve been gone all summer so if you’ve been waiting for their return, they’re finally back!


Have you been working away at a masterpiece and want to show everyone?  Well there’s a new party that’s perfect for you!  The masterpiece gallery party lets you show off some of your best art and talk about it with other Jammers.


There are some spooky new pet tarantulas available for adoption from the Diamond Shop!  Now all adopted pets come with an adoption certificate which I think is really neat.

Also in celebration of Night of the Phantoms, there are cool new items and accessories that can be found throughout all the shops in Jamaa.  What are some of your favorite new items??


Put on your party pants and head on over to the Spooky Party!  There’s lots to do there and you might even find some secrets there.  Some say you can even find pet bats flying around!


If you ever wanted to learn more about bats, there are lots of bat facts that can be found all around Jamaa.  You’d be surprised at what you can learn about them!


Just in time for winter, there’s a new retail gift card bonus – the arctic fox bundle!  If you buy a retail Animal Jam gift card, you’ll get an arctic fox and five arctic fox den items too.


That’s all for news this week.  Check back soon for more updates!  I have a feeling the announcement of a new animal is coming soon, what do you think??

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