Post-Valentine’s Day Items

Valentine’s Day might be over, but new items are still coming in! Today’s releases are some cool new Curly Wigs!

Curly Wigs

The Wig with the Hat is available for 300 gems for non-members. On the other hand, there is another Wig with a Bow thats also for 300 gems, but for members only.

Lovely Pizza

A bunch of new items also came out, both for Valentine’s Day and for your Pizza Parlor! You have a lovely Heart Welcome mat at 300 gems for all Jammers to enjoy, as well as a nice Heart Bush and Heart Table, priced 500 gems and 400 gems respectively. They are for Members Only.

Three Pizza Themed items also came out!

That’s all for now, comment below on what you think of these new items!


  1. Cheats plssssss

  2. My Name in animal Jam IS bastaboy23

  3. plz give me a membership plz jammer thank you

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