Postmaster – Play Wild Minigame Guide

During the Friendship Festival of 2016, which is basically the Valentine’s Day celebration in Play Wild, AJHQ released a new minigame called Postmaster. The minigame was extremely popular, which is why AJHQ decided to make it a seasonal minigame. Today, we are going to take a look at the Postmaster minigame, see what it is all about and tell you how to play it.

The Postmaster minigame is located in Appondale. To go to Appondale, simply tap on the world map, and tap on Appondale after that. The minigame button is located next to Claws N’ Paws.

Postmaster Minigame Guide – Cheats & Tips for AJPW

The Postmaster Minigame is a “sorting” game. The game waves, with each wave being more difficult than the one before. The mini game consists of three conveyor belts. At the start, the  top conveyor belt will start rolling out three kinds Friendship items; Chocolate Hearts, Roses and Friendship Cards. The goal of the Postmaster Minigame is for you to drag those items into the correct mailbags, which you can find at the bottom-center of your screen.

On wave one, the Friendship items will start rolling down from the top conveyor belt. They will keep rolling down to the middle and bottom conveyor belts, which means that you only have a short amount of time to successfully drag them to the correct mailbags.

If you drag a Friendship item into the wrong mailbag, or you let one of them fall off from the bottom conveyor belt, you will lose a heart. For each wave, you only have three hearts. Losing all three of your hearts means the game is over.

With each wave, the Postmaster minigame also gets more difficult. The first wave requires you to correctly sort ten Friendship items. This amount increases with ten for each wave you clear.

The more you progress through the mini game, the more trickery will appear. On wave four, the middle conveyor belt will also start rolling out items. This can cause some of the top items to fall on top of the middle items. The game also tries to trick you with Phantom items, which look similar to the regular Friendship items, but are blacked out. You need to let those items roll off the conveyor belts.

After successfully completing a wave, you get your round results. The amount of Gems that you get at the end of each round depends on the amount of hearts you still have left, as well as the amount of items you have sorted.

Play Wild Postmaster Game Rewards

When the Postmaster Minigame was first introduced into Play Wild in 2016, the only rewards you received for playing it were in the form of Gems. In February of 2017, AJHQ introduced item rewards to the Postmaster minigame. This means that, alongside Gems, you can also earn different kinds of items for progressing through the minigame. Let’s check out what kind of items you can earn in this minigame

Postmaster Mail Chute

The Postmaster Mail Chute is rewarded after completing wave four. It appears to be a blue mailbox that is full of Friendship items. There are even several Friendship cards sticking out of the chute, as well as laying on the ground.

Postmaster Hat

The Postmaster Hat is rewarded after completing wave seven. It is similar to a cap that mailmen wear. There is small paw symbol in the center of the hat.

Postmaster Trophy

The Postmaster Trophy is rewarded after completing wave ten, which makes it the hardest item to obtain. The trophy is solid gold, and is in the form of a mailbox that is placed on top of a platform. It is quite an unique item, simply because it is not that easy to obtain.

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