Rare Bowler Hat Available Now

Hi Jammers! Today is Monday and you know what that means, another rare item is ready for you to grab. The rare item for this week is the rare bowler hat, and this item is not going to be available for long, so you need to login to Animal Jam today in order to claim your free rare bowler hat. You want to hurry because this won’t last long!

Summer is officially over in Animal Jam, which means cool Autumn time outfits and accessories will be coming your way soon. You might be sad, but you shouldn’t be because the rare Monday item is going to also continue through the fall as well. This rare bowler hat is really cool looking, so call your friends and tell them to login to Animal Jam as well so that you both can be wearing this neat item on your Animal Jam character. This rare bowler hat is black with a green trim on it and it looks really awesome. Remember, every Monday there is a new rare item to be found on Animal Jam, and it’s free to you if you login to the game on Monday, but hurry because quantities are always limited. We will be back on next Monday to tell you what the next rare item of the day is, so make sure you stay tuned to get in on the next rare Monday item, and make sure you login today only, so you can get your rare bowler hat for free through Animal Jam.

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  1. i need this item cause i want to be cool like other animals

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