Rare AJ Box Winter 2018 – What’s Inside?!

The Animal Jam Box service started in the winter of 2016. Since then, they have send out a total of eight boxes, all filled to the brim with Animal Jam related merchandise and items. Often, the developers over at AJHQ announce what the upcoming Animal Jam Box will contain. However, for the Winter of 2018 Box, they decided to approach it in a different way.

The Winter 2018 Animal Jam Box is called the Rare Box, a mysterious box full of rare items. AJHQ claims it to be the “RAREST” of boxes that they have ever offered. Today, we are going to take a look at the Winter 2018 Rare Box, and find out what kind of items it contains.

Animal Jam Rare Box 2018 – What’s Included?

Since nobody has yet received their Animal Jam Winter 2018 Rare Box, it is not entirely clear what the exact contents of the box will be. All we know for a certainty that the box itself looks like a massive gold rare tag, with the word rare printed on it.

The Animal Jam Box website states that it is an ultra-rare box, and that it is packed full of exclusive Animal Jam merchandise, as well as collectibles that you will not find anywhere else.After gathering some information, we did find out several of the items that you will receive in the Winter 2018 Rare box. There are real-life, and digital items in the Winter 2018 Rare Box.

First of all, you receive a real-life Rare Beanie. The beanie appears to be made out of a thick fabric, to keep your head nice and warm. The Rare Beanie is purple in color, has two Diamonds on the front, as well as a rare tag on its side. It looks very amazing, and matches the theme.

Spiked Collars and Spiked Wristbands are some of the rarest items in Animal Jam. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a real-life Spiked Wristband that you could wear? You probably already guessed it by now. The Winter 2018 Rare Box also contains a real-life Spiked Wristband! It looks black in color, with white spikes all around it. This is an amazing addition to the Rare Box.

AJ Box Rare Item Codes

The contents below are pure speculations by several people online. It is not confirmed that they will be in the Winter 2018 Rare Box.

The next two items are digital, in-game items and are speculated to be in the Winter 2018 Rare Box. First of all, you receive a Rare Picture Frame, which is a den item that you can place down. It is not clear if you can shuffle through pictures to place in the picture frame, but it looks cool nonetheless.

The other speculated in-game item is the Rare Charm den item. This is an item that many Jammers are looking forward to. Many Animal Jam items have a rare tag, which indicates that they are quite unique and hard to get. The Rare Charm is basically a thick Rare Tag that you can place in your den.

It is also possible that the Rare Charm is supposed to be a real-life collectible. It appears to have a loop for a keychain, which means that you can carry it around with you.

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