Rare Cowboy Boots-Monday Rare Item Giveaway

Head on over to Jam Mart Clothing, today only, to get your pair of rare cowboy boots. This is a heads up for all Jammers out there who love to collect the rare item Monday giveaways, which is going on all summer long. The rare cowboy boots are the rare item of the day Monday giveaway, and all Jammers are entitled to pick up a pair today through midnight EST.

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These rare cowboy boots will look good on any animal, and it will allow you to took like you belong in the outback or even better, look like a true cowboy from the West. These rare boots not only are fashionable, but they are also very handy, because you never know what you might run into in Animal Jam that could require boots, such as riding a horse or coming upon some unexpected adventure. Head on over to Jam Mart Clothing right now and pick up your pair while supplies last, remember, you don’t have that much time so login and head to the store to claim your free pair. Not only are they really cool, they are also purple and pink and very colorful, so you can wear them no matter if you are a male or female. The boots also look good on just about any animal or character you have in Animal Jam, so it’s something that you can use on your pig, horse, or any other creature you have sitting in your account that needs a good pair of shoes.

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