Rare Dragon Mask Available Now

Hey Jammers! Today we are happy to tell you that the New rare item for Monday has been announced, and it is a rare dragon mask. Now, you have to login to Animal Jam in order to get your rare dragon mask, and you need to do it sooner than later because these masks won’t last long!

One fun fact I bet you did not know that there are Komodo Dragons that live in Indonesia, which is one of the harshest climates in the world. This rare dragon mask looks like a komodo dragon and it is scaled perfectly. So you need to call your friends and tell them to login to the game as well because you want to give your friends a chance to get the rare dragon mask too. Remember, you need to login to Animal Jam today in order to get the rare item of the day because you will find out that if you wait, it likely will already be gone before you have the chance to claim it.

Remember, every week on Monday there is a new rare item of the day that will be posted. So you want to keep your eyes open for every Monday post because we will tell you what the new rare item of the day is, and then you can login to claim the rare item of the day. The best thing about this mask is that it is really cool looking and it would look good on just about any one of your animals that you have in your collection.


  1. new mast code waht a code dragon mask

  2. hi pplz
    the rare dragon mask is really cool
    and plus my birthday is actually september 28 but if you dont belive me i dont care

  3. Hi, I logged in on Saturday and I saw rare dragon mask on sale I was thinking when did aj seat rares on sale on Saturday, then it was monday when I agreed that that is the real monday rare.

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