Rare Eclipse Armor in Animal Jam

If you are a regular Animal Jam player, you know that there are tons of clothing items that you can buy and wear. There are also special events in the game, and sometimes, those events are representing what is happening in real life at that very moment. On August 21, 2017, there was a total solar eclipse across North America. To celebrate that, AJHQ released a special armor set!

The armor set is called the Rare Eclipse Armor, and was released a few weeks after the total eclipse, on September 14, 2017. There is a code that can be redeemed that will award you with one of the five items that is included in the set. To get that code, you will need to buy an Adopt A Pet Eclipse house, which is a Jazwares toy.

Rare Eclipse Armor Appearance

The Rare Eclipse Armor set consists of a total of five items; Eclipse Top Hat, Eclipse Necklace, Rare Eclipse Wings, Rare Eclipse Watch and Rare Eclipse Tail Ornaments. Dark blue is the main color of all of these items. All of them also have blue circles and orange spikes on them, which represent the solar eclipse. The five items only have one variety. You can see what the items look like in the pictures down below.


How to Get a Rare Eclipse Armor Set in Animal Jam

It is quite difficult to obtain the Rare Eclipse Armor set in Animal Jam. The set cannot be bought in any of the in-game shops, nor does it drop as a prize for any of the adventures. To get one of the five items, you can redeem a code that comes with an Adopt A Pet Eclipse house.

However, the item that you receive is selected randomly, and you’ll still need to get the other four items in a different way. Let’s take a look at how you can get the Rare Eclipse Armor set for yourself.


Trading is an essential feature in AJ. It allows you to trade with other Jammers, obtaining items that you’ve always wanted, but never had the opportunity to purchase in the game. The easiest way to obtain the Rare Eclipse Armor set is by looking for Jammers that are willing to trade with you. If you do find a trader that actually has the set, you will need to offer something of equal value in return.

Rare Eclipse Armor Codes

There are codes available for the Rare Eclipse Armor set. However, they only come with toys, so you won’t find any working ones by searching for them online.

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