Rare Feathered Mask in Animal Jam

There are many clothing items in Animal Jam that have feathers on them. Feathers are cool because they make it look like you can fly off at any given moment. There are also feathered clothing items that only get released during special events, such as the Night of the Phantoms. There is a rare hat item that was last seen in 2012, and never returned to the game again. That item is called the Feathered Mask, and today, we are going to take a closer look at what it is.

The Feathered Mask was originally released on October 13, 2012. It was midway through the Night of the Phantoms event, and AJHQ decided to release the mask. It was sold at the Epic Wonders. However, after the Night of the Phantoms event of 2012, the Feathered Mask did not make a comeback into the game. It is not yet clear if the mask will ever appear again.

Feathered Mask Appearance

The shape of the mask almost reminds us of a Fox’s head, which is one of the first things you will notice about the mask itself. There are some swirls and symbols on the mask, and the eyes are glowing. Behind the mask, you will see a bunch of feathers sticking out. The mask comes in a total of eight different regular verities, each with a different color scheme. You can see what the regular Feathered Masks look like in the pictures down below.


Rare Feathered Mask

On February 25, 2017, the Rare Feathered Mask was released into the game. The appearance is identical to the regular mask, but has a different color scheme, which can be seen down below.

How to Get a Feathered Mask

There are a number of ways to obtain the Feathered Mask in Animal Jam. Even though it is no longer sold at the Epic Wonders, you can still obtain it by following these methods;


Both the regular Feathered Masks and Rare Feathered Mask are tradable items. All you have to do is go to a busy area in the game, and ask if there are any Jammers that own them, and if they would like to trade with you.

Adventure Prizes

The regular Feathered Masks can still be won as random prizes by completing The Forgotten Desert adventure. If you keep doing the adventure, you may get a mask as a prize!

Feathered Mask Codes

Occasionally, AJHQ releases codes for special items in AJ. Unfortunately, that is not the case for the Feathered Mask. If you want to own one of these masks, you will have to either trade for it, or complete The Forgotten Desert adventure to win one.

  1. I have a green feathered mask, and if anyone is willing to color swap it for purple, please do! Username: Diamondstroke
    Pass: I’m not telling you >:(

  2. wow I have the rare feathered mask and i didnt even noticed it was a rare item

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